Favourite Photo Meme

If you were to choose one perfect picture, which one would you choose? Forty Not Out invited me to join the Favourite Photo Meme. I have lots of favourite pictures. Pictures of friends, of myself, of food and of places. But my most favourite would need to include my two favourite people, Big M and little L.

little L and Big MI took this photograph during our first vacation together, last summer on Île de Ré. Little L was only three months old and had started sleeping through. Pure bliss! And before you start to hate me now – the bliss didn’t last as we managed to throw her off any routine with an overly exhausting trip to the states shortly after that. Duh!

I am passing this tag on to Ju at Double Trouble, A Modern MotherLondon ZestA Surprise Mum, Being A Mummy and And 1 more means 4.


  1. So so lovely. I know it’s really hard to pick out just one photo, but I love the explanations behind them.
    Anyone taking part, make sure you let me know so you can be added to my gallery of entries when it’s all finished x

  2. Awwwww! I love these kinds of photos and I must have taken a series of a thousand when mine was tiny. Just so totally lovely!!!!

  3. OH my GOD! That is adorable. Pretty good choice for your fave pic:) Big M looks so peaceful and so does Little L!

  4. @Dawn: Don’t worry. She has only been three months old back then and wouldn’t have hurt him.

  5. Aww, so sweet, love pictures of sleepy babies and daddies. Thanks also for passing on the meme, as you saw, I had already done it lol.

  6. Hello!
    Happy New Year! I can’t believe your baby is already 9 months old! She’s lovely. She takes no bad photos.

    I hope you continue blogging. I’ve missed your illustrations. I will try to post more of my work this year (fingers crossed).

    Have a pleasant week.

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