Favourite Photo Meme

If you were to choose one perfect picture, which one would you choose? Forty Not Out invited me to join the Favourite Photo Meme. I have lots of favourite pictures. Pictures of friends, of myself, of food and of places. But my most favourite would need to include my two favourite people, Big M and little L.

little L and Big MI took this photograph during our first vacation together, last summer on Île de Ré. Little L was only three months old and had started sleeping through. Pure bliss! And before you start to hate me now – the bliss didn’t last as we managed to throw her off any routine with an overly exhausting trip to the states shortly after that. Duh!

I am passing this tag on to Ju at Double Trouble, A Modern MotherLondon ZestA Surprise Mum, Being A Mummy and And 1 more means 4.


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