Scenes from a Metropolitan marriage

scenes from a marriage

Pillow talk: Met Mum, immersed in a magazine. Big M, immersed in pillows, insistently staring. Rumbling. Harrumphing. “So. Do you know that the day we’ve met is near?”

“Hmm-hmm.” I don’t dare to look up. There is a slight chance for me to finish reading that article.

“Do you know the exact day?”

“Sure.” I feel the chance fading away slowly.

“So which day is it then?”

“Hold on. Shouldn’t it be me who is asking those girlie questions? 02 February 2007. We met on the 2nd day in February.” Nose back into the magazine.

“Nooooooo. It’s so not. That’s the day we got together.”

“Oh. So you mean January 29 then? Our first date?” Bye bye, magazine!

“No. I. Mean. The. Day. We. Met.” He is clearly enjoying this.

I am puzzled. The day we met. The day we met? Damn it, where is 2007’s Filofax?

“It’s the 26th!” He IS enjoying this.

“Do we really have to have this conversation now?” A desperate attempt to distract him from the fact that I should have known that date, as it was the day he proposed to me exactly a year later.

“Yes, we do.” He is grinning broadly. How mean!

I pull the wild card. “I am going to blog about it, if we are not going to end this conversation right now.” I am so smart.

“Like what? Like you are going to write that you forgot our wedding anniversary, too?”


Picture credit: The Guardian Film Gallery


  1. Big M says

    lol Good job many men are too forgetful to hold a grudge! xoxo

  2. Oh it is good to know there is another one out there who forgets dates. I was so sure MadDad would forget our anniversary I had it engraved on the inside of his ring- 15 years this year and he has never once forgotten

  3. Hhahahahhaha, the men in this family tend to be more romantically inclined than their gfs or wives…funny, I’m more like you in this way:) x LZ

  4. I love the “if you don’t shut up this is going on the blog” threat! Mr B has been v. good at remembering ours for the past three years, to my shock as he is most unromantic most of the time.

  5. Luckily both me and my husband forget all anniversaries. We are terrible. Must be horrible to have a needy husband like that. (Just joking.)

  6. Both me and Neb had completely forgotten our anniversary this year and only remembered when we got card from inlaws. Neb then rang them and told them off for sending it on the wrong date.


  7. @Big M: You know that I love you, don’t you?!

    @The Mad House: 15 years? So you got married at…12??? Congratulations!

    @LZ: I am VERY romantic, just more on a spontaneous level. Tee hee.

    @Baking Mad Mama: Very powerful thread. Not.

    @Mwa: I learnt to live with it.

    @BNM: I mean, dates. Really. Who needs dates to show them that you care?

  8. We have a really big one coming up this year but if it falls on a school day, it might go unnoticed!

  9. Haha! I’m the same. Hopeless with dates. Actually J and I are as bad as each other, so at least I don’t look so bad.

  10. @NWLG in the Country: I need a mum like that!

    @Hot Cross Mum: If only it would work. Sigh…

    @Expat Mum: Yeah, I am desperately waiting for little L to start school. I am running out of excuses here.

    @Lady Mama: I look so bad. The story with the forgotten anniversary didn’t end just at forgetting it. But also receiving a great and generous gift with having nothing to offer in return. La honte!

    @Rosie: That’s nerd-love for you. We have a rectangular relationship – with two laptops.

  11. Oh man there is so much to remember when you are a mom I think you get a little pass. And the threat of the blog entry is alwasy a good one! I have definitely remembered only at the last minute and been without gift. It feels like crap for sure!

  12. Lovely that he remembers those dates, I’m no good with numbers – I might invent a syndrome and say I’m ill (date blind?)

  13. Oooops! Blame it on post pregnancy hormone disorder…and it lasts for years…you can get away with all sorts…

  14. We used to celebrate the day we got together. However, since we got married, but my dear husband has limited me to one anniversary a year so the original date is now long forgotten… Cheap skate!

  15. hahaha! Very funny and oh so true. We don’t go to bed and sit up reading ignoring each other, oh no!!!!! We just sit there working on our laptops! Modern marriage eh. Great blog, I’m gonna link to yours so I don’t miss any of it! 🙂

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