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So how do you choose the right school for your child?


I am exhausted. We started looking at schools in our area. Apparently you have to think of a) which church to attend, in case you want to send your kid to a church-run school, b) which nursery to send your child to, if you are keen on getting her into the primary school at the same address or c) selling your house and downsize in order to afford private education.

Or you pack up and move to the country altogether. Apparently there are some decent state schools left.

I read about interviews with four year olds, and even more surprising, about coaches that promise to make your four year old offspring fit for said interview. I read about Ofsted and school ratings, about priority lists, fees, exams and tests. My head is spinning.

Little L is nine months old. Have I left it too late? Or is there still time to prepare her for a musical scholarship?


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