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There’s a place called Kokomo

to the beach

Argh. Argh. Aaargggghhhhh. Can you hear that? With every move I make my rusty bones make a cracking noise, stiffened by snow and the cold, wintery humidity. Even worse: my energy and lust for life seems to have been buried underneath the snow. And now the snow is gone, it’s nowhere to be found.

Little L will start two half days of nursery in March. She’ll be almost a year old by then. Time for myself. Time to work on the book. And the illustrations. But I need to get my act together and start. Just. Do. It.

I was reading Simone’s blog The Bottom of the Ironing Basket the other day. If you are feeling a little low and in search of inspiration, go over to her’s! Yesterday she had this little quote up:

to create is to destroy

I shall print it off and pin it above my desk. Get up. Get dirty. Listen to more cheerful music. And count down the days to our vacation.

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama

Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go…


  1. excellent words- I need to try and crack on too- sometimes it feels like a mountain doesn’t it but slowly, slowly- this time of year can seem static, it’s not quite deep midwinter but Spring seems an age away.

    and how exciting about holidays! I need to book something- lots of possibles, lots of things spoken about, many ideas and i don’t end up going- so i need to just do it.

  2. I think our winters can be too long. I need the sun shine. I need the warmth. I have just stood by the conservatory window and felt the heat of the sun on my face wonderful

  3. I was just thinking the same thing this morning, I am so ready for January to be over and for some (hopefully) warmer weather to arrive.

    The Caribbean sounds BLISSFUL!!

    Thanks so much for the mention 🙂

  4. It’s hard, staying with the kids, and it’s always harder in winter. Hang in there. It will all seem better in spring. And yay for nursery!

  5. I’m so looking forward to warmer weather. This grey wet old January is dragging on. I do have my first vacation to the sun booked though – counting the weeks, but still far too many to think about. Great inspiration from Simone – little steps can achieve a lot.

  6. Struggling with the cold and the grey Met Mum, and when it’s like this outside it’s so difficult to feel homesick for the beach and the sea and the sun of my homeland. 🙁

  7. I LOVE THAT. I shall print it out and remind myself of it daily. Particularly when I don’t feel like doing the dishes. I shall just point at the pile and say: dirt. I have made my mark. And feel proud

  8. That quote struck home for me. Too many days lately just getting through the day with nothing much to show for it except housework chores which need to be done again the next day. I like the bit about making a mark, evidence that you exist. Will have to read through your archives to find out more about your book and illustrations. Exciting times!

  9. I think winter is a dreary time for many of us. Here it’s so grey all the time, and it’s definitely making life pretty dismal – but that’s only because I’m letting it. We all need to start smiling and not let weather and other things get to us.

    Good post.

  10. Oh that place Kokomo sounds amazing:) and I had read that poem on Simone’s blog and completely fell in love with it. Also, that’s amazing about the book. Can’t wait to hear all about it. No worries about this weekend, enjoy the opera etc. Lets definitely do sthg next one. xxx LZ

  11. When will the sun arrive??!! My plan is to hibernate until it comes…lovely post though – got me thinking xx

  12. Oh her blog sounds fabulous, I’ll take a look. Be positive my friend, that lust for life will return, I promise. Parenting and in fact life in general can be exhausting at times. Hugs xx

  13. would love to hear more about your book and the illustrations…JUST DO IT!!
    what’s it about…is it a kid’s book or what?

  14. westendmum says

    Only one more day of January, but it’s a full moon tonight argh!

  15. Ha, I might have to go and watch Cocktail now. Great news about the holiday, and I’m glad you found a nursery for Little L!

  16. Hello
    Its good to know your vacation and hope you had a lot of enjoyment.I have never heard about this place name ‘Kokomo’.Thanks for such nice post.

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