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The love is in the shoes

baby clothes Islington1

When it comes to handing down hang-ups and obsessions, my love for beautiful but slightly impractical shoes is the one I worry the least about. A girl’s got to love her shoes, no?

baby clothes Islington3

Another sunny day, another stroll through Islington, and we came across Jabberwockie. No, I am not talking about the wacky guy trying to sell you a copy of Metro for a quid – I am talking about THE most cute baby clothes shop I have seen in a while. Tucked away in a little side street off Cross Street, its turquoise lacquered shop front and lovingly arranged window display makes you want to go in and demand a pick ’n’ mix.

baby clothes Islington2

So far we have picked and mixed cashmere-mix leggings, black woollen leg warmers with tiny frills and lately these gorgeous, Himalayan wool slippers. All very reasonably priced, of great quality and uniqueness. After all, you wouldn’t want your little one to wear the same clothes everybaby else does, do you?

baby clothes Islington5

And if you are looking for a special gift, this is the place you’ll find something that’s not already in birthday baby’s cupboard.


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