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It’s a tough life


Lots of empathy has been poured into the comment box below my last post. Identification. Compassion. I am not quite so sure this one will create emotions along the same lines.

Although the journey to Saint Lucia was a little tough with half a day delay spent at Gatwick airport thanks to a volcano eruption on the island, and although I am covered in little bites (apparently there has been a flee in our bed that took a bite of me every other inch from head to toe), this vacation could easily make it into the top 3 of all vacations ever embarked on.DSC00527

To begin with, the resort is pretty quiet – the area suffers under the recession and the lack of American tourists usually frequenting the islands. As a result, we have been upgraded from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 3-bedroom villa with private pool.


I always thought that villas with private pools were a little pointless. By the time I would be able to afford such luxury – if ever – I wouldn’t want to use the upsides of it anymore, i.e. semi-nude sunbathing. I mean, seriously, who wants to parade around bare-chested in their 60s? Needless to say I’ve got the point of it by now.


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