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The one where I am turning into the Blobb

Ah, I spot a raspberry. That's one of 5 sorted!

Ah, I spot a raspberry. That's one of 5 sorted!

I have been feeling a little sluggish of late. Ok, whom am I kidding? I am feeling A LOT sluggish. Blobbish. I am the Blobb. Poke me in the stomach and see the wobbles reaching a 6 on the Richter scale.

This is not about losing weight, or about a late New Year’s resolution. I just happened to realise that my diet has been rather poor lately. Let me put my chocolate digestive down and tell you what my daily diet looks like:

It’s buttered bagels for breakfast, beans on toast for lunch and a colourful variety for biscuits in the afternoon. And if I am unlucky, it’s sandwiches for dinner, too. With that much breadish stuff in my stomach, there is hardly any space to cramp in ‘5 a day’.

On a luckier day, I’ll cook something fairly healthy for dinner. But cooking twice a day? I don’t have the time, the energy or the urge to do so. After all, I have to look after a blog baby.

Now, you say, why don’t you cook up big batches of healthy vegetable dishes, divide them into single portions and throw them into the freezer? The thing is, I did. My freezer is actually so full with frozen healthy stuff that we could sit out the remote damages of a nuclear attack in our basement.

The problem is the de-freezing. By the time the rock-hard food has melted I am starved and little L has finished her lunch, eager to get one with whatever I distracted her from in the first place.

I tried sharing meals with little L – not only is everything on mummy’s plate much more interesting than what is on her plate; also is her food much healthier than mine. (Baby’s better dressed and better fed than mother. Do you we see a pattern emerging here?) Going down the Hipp route was out of question. So we went for Cow & Gate baby spaghetti. The verdict? Well, it didn’t kill me. But I don’t have to have it again, thank you very much.

My current and only cure: Innocent Veg Pots. Theoretically, they come in seven different flavours. But my local supermarket stocks only two of them. Of which only one is to my taste. So please, dear Waitrose, extend your offer. I don’t want to be forced to choose between being jaundiced by daal curry or turning into the Blobb.


  1. i love this, because so much of it resonates with me!! and i just bought the innocent veg pots too…thanks to the waitrose offer!

    i figure that no matter what though, just making it through a day entitles me to something sweet at nightimey! so basically, i think you (and me!) are entitled to a little gail’s. 🙂

  2. From humble experience – you gotta watch you don’t eat the kids’ leftovers. I too have been back out pounding the pavement recently and have been disconcerted by how the road moves with my extreme bulk. We don’t run, we bounce! Don’t you love Christmas in a cold climate.

  3. i kind of feel blobbish too – it’s the february blob, every year. weather is too bad for being outside. spring is around the corner though!

  4. We have a building in our town named the Blob – all glass and sleek and new and shiny. You could imagine yourself as that instead of the Blobb!

    I bet those cupcake classes didn’t help either eh?!

  5. Big M says

    But the Bretzels we are having? They must contain vegetables! And they are surely not bread, they look really different and Little L loves them….

    OK you are right we do need to stop eating bread and all types of bread derivatives ;-(

  6. Bread, glorious bread….curses to you Sainsburys for stocking delicious tiger bread! Bah. I saw those Innocent veg pots the other day and have to say they look really appetising. I might try one next week (and have some sort of yeast product on standby in case its rank.)

  7. I really just hope it’s the time of year because I too am part human, part blobb, and the blobb part is winning. I can now grab two full fistfuls of fat on my stomach – even when I’m standing up straight and stretching. It’s a situation that has to change. But while I do try to be healthy, the copious amounts of wine and toasted cheese sandwiches are just never going to help. sigh

  8. You don’t look very blobby to me…stunning in fact!
    Trying to eat healthily with children around is a nightmare. I can’t resist the bread either….and they just beg me to make cakes every day! ;0) ( not really) Tomorrow I am planning on making the french icing you blogged about- just something more delicious to eat! X

  9. And then when she’s older you’ll be picking half-eaten fish fingers and cold chips off her plate. Trust me, I speak from experience.

  10. Well if you’re a blobb then so I am I. I am guilty of having Ready Brek for lunch because it’s quick and easy followed by a Cadbury’s creme egg because well, they are nice! I have the occasional Innocent Smootie and I love natural yogurt, but 5 a day? Very rarely indeed!

  11. But bread is soooo good! and that blobb is just ugly and has no sense of style, at least you have a very stylish coat and an even more stylish baby:) keep up the good work, soon, you’ll be on the beach and the tanning will overrule all of the wobbly bits (of which you have none!) happy weekending! x LZ

  12. i see no blobb you look gorgeous 😀 and we are all guilty of not eating right but having children changes everything. I’m a bread fiend too, bagels for breakfast are just yummy. I’m enjoying being a blobb whilst i’m pregnant but i too will have to fight the blobb when he is here. xxxx

  13. You don’t look blobby to me. In fact I am digging the hat and lavender eyeshadow and royal blue coat. I am addicted to those Innocent Veg Pots. If my husband goes away, I will eat them every night. Luckily my Waitrose stocks all the flavours! I was thinking of doing that ‘tweet what you eat’ where you tell twitter what you’re eating and someone tells you off and what you could be substituting it for but I can’t be arsed.

  14. Flora Budd says

    Hmmm, just eaten a whole packet of profiteroles, meant for at least four people, but heck one deserves a little treat after a hard day’s work?! Innocent veg pots are ok, but wouldn’t it be great to have your group of friends take it in turn to cook nice healthy meals (maybe even delivered to the door) so you only have to cook once a week… and you’re lucky you’ve got a freezer, our boat doesn’t even have one – so those profiteroles just HAD to be eaten!! 😉

  15. MM I see not a blog in site! I know what you mean though about the unhealthy diet. I find it really hard in the winter months to eat healthily. I am a typical comfort eater as I read this post I just ate three Oreo’s with my cup of tea! great huh? I’ve had those Innocent Veg pots for lunch… they’re yummy! OK all together now… must eat more fruit and veg! x

  16. Er that was meant to be I see not a blob in site!! Am so used to typing the word blog my fingers just go on auto pilot! I’ll go away now….

  17. Hello
    This is a nice post..Its good to know about your daily diet.According to me healthy food like soup,salad etc.are good.Vegetables are always good.Thanks for this post.

  18. Hi Susanna,

    My name is Lucy and I am the Audience Researcher on Market Kitchen for The Good Food Channel. I came across your blog when I was looking for diners for ‘Mum’s the word’ week. (We film about 2 weeks in advance so it will go out in Mother’s Day week) We host 15-20 diners a week who can sample and comment on the food that is cooked on the show. I often have food bloggers on the show but when I saw this post I thought you maybe interested in coming along!
    Please email me!

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