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Complaining against a midwife

Those of you who started reading my blog from the very beginning about a year ago might remember the awful birth experience I had at UCLH. To be precise, the majority of the staff was amazing; there was just one person that acted a bit, well, ‘off’.

The NHS complaint procedure states that complaints have to be made within a year. I would have left it even longer, if I could. Rummaging around in my maternity notes and reading through what had happened made me feel physically sick. Actually, Big M had to read though them and double check if I got the facts right in my letter, as I couldn’t face it.

I am not interested in a revenge of any kind. I just want to make sure that this person gets a warning and that she won’t treat anybody else the way she has treated me.

Saying that I won’t ever want to have a baby again would be a step to far. But I am most certainly put off the whole ‘natural birth’ path. Elective Caesarean? Oh yes!

The letter will be put into the post tomorrow, with a copy to our local MP. (Thanks for the tip, Zoo!) This is going to be interesting. I’ll keep you posted.


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