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You might have read what it says in the little about box to the right. ‘London mum and wannabe illustrator’. It’s a dream, but nothing that should be left untried. And now that little L spends some time at the nursery, the excuses for me not to pick up my pen and draw are running thin.

When I was pregnant, I started writing a children’s book. That’s about a year ago. Recently, I de-dusted the sketchbook and started working on the illustrations for the story. The whole thing is plotting along rather slowly, and with posting about it here, I hope to put a bit of (positive) pressure on myself.

Let me introduce you to… the monster. She plays the lead role.

meet the monster

Enough said for now. The pressure is on. I am off sketching.


  1. Good for you! I love hearing stuff like this, I think it’s great to just get on and make your dreams happen. I love the character and I will look forward to reading it to my little girls x

  2. What a lovely monster! And what an excellent plan. It helps me to work on a project at the same time as someone else is working on a similar project so we can share stories, give support, complain, and put the pressure on each other. Now that you’ve made this announcement, perhaps that will give you the pressure and momentum you need!! Have fun with it!

  3. How sweet the monster looks. Looking forward to reading more about it.:)

  4. carolinesweetie says

    That little monster looks like a sweetie. Keep going,looks good.You are a talented lady.x

  5. Your drawing is tres adorable!!!! With your little one occupied at the nursery, now is the perfect time for you, you can do it. Where do I put my name on a waiting list for your book ?!? 🙂
    I have a little favour to ask of you, if you have a moment, can you please email me?

  6. Oh wow, that is really good…seriously, I love it! I can’t draw at all so I am full of admiration for those who can.

    Well done to you….it is a challenge to make time to do the things we love – and things that aren’t housework!
    Good luck!

    And congratulations on 100+ followers….love your blog 🙂

  7. Hi MM – my first ever proper post-University job was as an editor at a children’s publishers. Spent all day looking at illustrators submissions; your would have definitely got through the door 🙂

  8. Yes I was intrigued when I first read you’re a wannabe illustrator. Lovely sketch! Show us some more pics please soon!

  9. James says

    Very interesting concept, I hope you keep us posted on your story’s progress.

  10. Go for it. A cute little drawing – doesn’t look very monsterish though. Good luck – hope we hear more.

  11. What an adorable little monster, I look forward to reading about her adventures. And good job you for working towards your goals.

    I am working on a children’s book as well! I have the story completed but am struggling with my competence as an illustrator. So far, Baby Bean looks a bit odd. HA! 🙂

  12. You have your main character, and that’s the first step! I like him/her! Lots of possibilities there! Have fun with it!

  13. You are a real talent MM. This clicker thingy is now, however, sorry to moan but it hates me!!

  14. I love the monster! She’s just precious. I’m a sucker for kids books. I think it’s great that you are starting again. Good luck to you 🙂

  15. Oh I love that little monster. So cute with just a little bit of scary. You are one talented lady. Looking forward to seeing how you progress. I’m doing the same with my novel – once you tell people about it, it sort of means you have to do it – like telling people you’re giving up smoking (not that I do!)

  16. well done you. love the monster. I have a friend who is a children’s author and illustrator and it amazes me still how long it takes to produce her books (and I mean that nicely) so don’t be tough on yourself timewise.

    MD xx

  17. ooh well done you to finish this project and I am sending you a huge kick up the arse! xx

  18. That’s the sweetest looking monster I’ve ever seen – gorgeous! You are so talented and I wish you tons of luck with your project! Keep us posted xx

  19. ahhh, i love the little monster!!!! i’m not an expert or anything, but i bet you’re on the right track!

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