Cunning marketing plans

dental repairs1

Tempted, anyone? Maybe not such a first class idea after all…


  1. Big M says

    Dental repair no, but brain repair may be something and the ad just looks so much more trustworthy than the NHS ….

  2. Thanks, but no thanks !!! Gosh I hope some poor sucker (probably would be once all their teeth were extracted!) hasn’t called them! Do you think people really do?

  3. What’s with all the tape on the window??
    A cousin of mine had his teeth done in some eastern european country and it worked out pretty well, but I’m not sure if he answered an add like this one! lol x

  4. A friend of my mum’s went on a ‘facelift holiday’ to South Africa… and then had to go back six months later to fix the damage. Eek!

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