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Girl crush

The fabulous Lily Lemontree invited me to guest-post on her beautiful blog about my favourite style icon. This is flattering for multiple reasons. Not only is Lily Lemontree one of the most stylish blogs out there, but also is her series ‘Style Icons’ one of my favourite.

style icons

So whom did I choose? Let me tell you that much. She is pretty. A classic beauty. If you’d know nothing about her, you might fall for her attempts to play the innocent college girl. She is mean, despotic and cruel. Any guesses who I am talking about? Go and find out…


  1. carolinesweetie says

    I knew who you were as soon as I saw the shoes. Much prefer Blair, cannot stand Serena.

  2. Great post over @ Lily Lemontree!! So happy to see your lovely blog. Will most certainly be back.

    Have a lovely London weekend ~ deb

  3. Hi MM – I was foxed til I saw the whole pic – I guess I haven’t watched enough Gossip Girl. If it had been a SATC girl I would have had at the shoes! Great post though – and hello to you, hope you are all fine and dandy. Louise x

  4. LOVE her! And her quote about mom jeans over on lilly lemontree? Made me laugh all over again.

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