The grass is always greener…


After what feels like an eternity of pondering on where to move and how to prioritise our apparently endless list of needs and demands, we have finally made a decision. We went from ‘let’s move into a big house in the Kent countryside tomorrow’ to ‘let’s move into a sleek apartment in Chelsea Harbour in summer’ to ‘let’s not move until little L has to start school’.

Our (slightly dreamy) list of requirements contains a neighbourhood with a village-y feel to it (think rather Gstaad than Croydon), good local schools, a spacious house, a small private garden, a garage, being close to parks and the river and a few stops on the tube into central London.

Apart from the garage (sorry, Big M!), we have found that place: It’s called Richmond Upon Thames, and yes, the grass is greener on the other side of the Thames. House-hunting season has officially begun!

The best bit about it: as Richmond happens to be a borough of London, I don’t even have to change my blog name.


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