Papa Frost

Let’s say you are in your mid to late 30s and Mr. Right is way out of sight. Let’s also say you had a very strong desire for a baby, but the idea of a partner to share this with seems far-fetched. Your biological clock is ticking mercilessly.

What would be the Plan B? Is there a backup plan?

Alongside with a bunch of bloggers of world fame*, I went to a pre-screening of Jennifer Lopez’s new movie The Backup Plan last week (thank you for the invite, dear Sony people). It made me think about how far I would have gone.

I have friends who made a pact with friends of the opposite sex to get together in case they were both single at the age of 35. Others might look into adoption. Growing up, I was sure I wanted to be a mother one day. And my backup plan looked pretty similar to Zoe’s (Jennifer Lopez): a visit to a sperm bank, some frozen sperm and a baby who’s dad I’d call ‘Papa Frost’.

*To be honest, I have no clue who was there. I arrived slightly late and was busy catching up with my friend Emily just until we were ushered into the theatre. After the movie everybody skipped town. There were a few that were too slow to run – or maybe they were secretly hoping lingering around would lead to another drink.

Two guys with a camera cornered the leftover bloggers and wormed out relationship advice that somehow made it into the above trailer for the movie. If you have watched the trailer, you will now know why I don’t do vlogs. Seeing and hearing myself speak is cringe-worthy.

As for the movie: it’s a nice enough chick flick. The story is cute and there are some definitely funny bits in it. Jennifer Lopez’s character Zoe is easy to warm to. It might help that J-Lo apparently has not had any botox, which makes it so much easier to relate to her, as mentioned by another blogger (no one less than the infamous London City Mum, as I found out two days later).

If you are looking for some light, girlie entertainment to cheer you up after a long, gruesome day, this movie is for you.


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