Papa Frost

Let’s say you are in your mid to late 30s and Mr. Right is way out of sight. Let’s also say you had a very strong desire for a baby, but the idea of a partner to share this with seems far-fetched. Your biological clock is ticking mercilessly.

What would be the Plan B? Is there a backup plan?

Alongside with a bunch of bloggers of world fame*, I went to a pre-screening of Jennifer Lopez’s new movie The Backup Plan last week (thank you for the invite, dear Sony people). It made me think about how far I would have gone.

I have friends who made a pact with friends of the opposite sex to get together in case they were both single at the age of 35. Others might look into adoption. Growing up, I was sure I wanted to be a mother one day. And my backup plan looked pretty similar to Zoe’s (Jennifer Lopez): a visit to a sperm bank, some frozen sperm and a baby who’s dad I’d call ‘Papa Frost’.

*To be honest, I have no clue who was there. I arrived slightly late and was busy catching up with my friend Emily just until we were ushered into the theatre. After the movie everybody skipped town. There were a few that were too slow to run – or maybe they were secretly hoping lingering around would lead to another drink.

Two guys with a camera cornered the leftover bloggers and wormed out relationship advice that somehow made it into the above trailer for the movie. If you have watched the trailer, you will now know why I don’t do vlogs. Seeing and hearing myself speak is cringe-worthy.

As for the movie: it’s a nice enough chick flick. The story is cute and there are some definitely funny bits in it. Jennifer Lopez’s character Zoe is easy to warm to. It might help that J-Lo apparently has not had any botox, which makes it so much easier to relate to her, as mentioned by another blogger (no one less than the infamous London City Mum, as I found out two days later).

If you are looking for some light, girlie entertainment to cheer you up after a long, gruesome day, this movie is for you.


  1. Ooh how exciting… premieres and being interviewed! You came across really well I thought. Think I’ll see it when it comes out on DVD – I always warm to J Lo in rom coms. x

  2. How cool…..I’d love to go to a premiere they always look so glamorous and exciting!!! Sure that I’ll be heading out to see this…..I love me a rom com!!!

  3. I’m meeting women who chose to adopt as a single parent; I guess one does what one needs to do!

    I put the post back up, just for you 😉 and wow, is your little cutie really walking?! Wow, growing fast!

  4. Am just SO glad that the video you posted does not show me in all my glory – no lipstick, hair a-go-go, and rabbiting on and on like a demented mother-on-a-free-pass-night-out.

    Unlike the one the boys put on their site. At least they (somehow) managed to cut out most of the crap I was spouting!

    Will wear a name tag next time and be very obnoxious during the Q&A session so you can actually choose to ignore me.

    LCM x

  5. I was invited but it was way too far for me to travel. I like the sound of the movie. I’d definitely watch it on DVD.

  6. You’re famous!!!!!! And I know you!!! So proud;) My internet seems to be on strike, so I only saw the first bit where you spoke. Then it sort of melted:( Maybe the Chinese gov doesn’t approve?!

  7. Now JLo is a beautiful woman who is most definitely not malnourished on Mondays or any other day and is beautiful. I don’t think latin women can be doing with botox and all that jazz.

    Now I have two film collections; the proper movies (I consider myself a bit of a buff) and what I call the pink collection- the dvds I probably wouldn’t have out prominently if a new boy was coming round- they are the chick flicks etc. I like these films, I don’t care that they aren’t world changing. Also as someone wiser than me said if a lot of them were in French they would be called charming but if they are in English/ American they are chick flicks. So while I might not be chomping at the bit to see this I’m sure I will- and actually it’s a topic that is worth looking at and with humour is normally the best way to approach most tricky subjects.

  8. Have you noticed how rom coms seemed to have morphed into baby coms? We must be the aging rom com generation. They are aging with us.

    This was fun to watch.

  9. that is awfully fancy that you got to go to the premiere! i wish stuff like that happened here…and that ic ould speak the language 🙂

  10. ive asked my friends and none of them would ever use a sperm bank!

  11. WOw how cool to watch you on the trailer. that is soooo neat and I can say, ” I know who she is, even if only via bloggin,”.

    congrats on your baby walking!get on your running shoes.

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