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Seven Shoes – the ‘Hello Lover’ award

Originally, this award was called ‘The beautiful blogger award’, but our shoebsessed frashionista (= a shoe obsessed friend and fashionista) 40 Not Out decided to unravel the award’s rules, lay out its components neatly and nicely and put them together as something completely new.

She even made her Manolo’s star in the award’s trophy:

hello lover award

That woman is truly gifted!

Alors, instead of boring you with another seven facts about me, you are in for a bit of shoe porn. Draw the curtains, dim the lights and let the show begin.

seven shoes7

Jimmy Choo Mary Janes in a glossy cherry red. I wore these to my wedding, underneath a floor length, empire style Pronovias gown in vintage-lace. The dress was way to innocent for me, and these shoes added the right amount of cheekiness.

seven shoes4

Every girl needs a pair of pointy killer heels. I bought these ages ago in a super sale at Kurt Geiger for about 20 quid. They make me feel sexy in an instant. Worn with jeans or just by themselves. I’m kidding.

seven shoes5

My Hugo Boss Christmas shoes. They are velvety soft like a puppy, but they make much less of a mess. And they don’t chew on other shoes.

seven shoes2

What can I say? It’s a jungle out there. And every girl should own a pair of Louboutin’s. At least.

seven shoes3

Black patent Mary Janes. Back in the days of consultant-jetset-living-hell I was passing these Bally lovelies every other morning at 6AM at Heathrow Terminal 2. I bought them when I finally resigned. And only recently started wearing them again.

seven shoes6

Black crocodile print wedges I discovered in my favourite Islington boutique Wild Swans. Now I only need a little bit of sunshine to take them out for a walk.

seven shoes1

Last but not least – my everyday, all day Jigsaw mummy-pacing-the-pavements shoes in grey silk. Little L loves them, too!

Did you think you’d be off the hook because you have not been included into the recent meme and award marathon? Looks like you held your breath too early. Show me your seven shoes and pass on the love:


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Yummy Mummy #1

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Tim (for a little bit of diversity & inclusion)

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  1. I totally love this post! Will now check out @thatgirl39 ‘s post on this too!

    There’s something weirdly and deliciously voyeuristic in seeing other people’s favourite and beautiful shoes which makes me want to go shopping right now…

  2. what a nice post- i really need to sort my whole camera/ computer issue. I LOVE your wedding shoes, am a huge fan of coloured wedding shoes, it just looks so elegant and individual. You have very nice taste!

  3. Am feeling hideously unglamourous. My version would be wellies, spotty wellies, wellie shoes and flip flops. Damn – when exacty did I stop being a woman and become Stig of the Dump?

  4. Oh bugger me – this is REALLY hard!

    But. I will do my very best.

    Most envious of your gorgeous shoes. Am sure you have lovely dainty feet as well so NO chance of me swiping them off you.

    LCM x

  5. Your shoes are beautiful. Unfortunately my own collection are just not that glamorous! I think I have two nice pairs and the rest are boots and flipflops. But I’ll do my best….

  6. I just LOVE this post. As someone who can not wear high heels I appreciate the art and and the shoes.

    You had me oogiling your shoes and dreaming of walking down the high street all poshed up.

    Thank you for my 5 minute dream time.

  7. It’s true, it’s fascinating seeing others people shoes, I’ve never really done that before!! You have a great collection, I definitely need to work on mine!

    Loved your rumba knickers comment…what can I say!!
    Actually, I thought of you the other day when I reminded myself to book another facial at Dermacia….and as we exchanged on our house today and will complete this Friday, I may well treat myself to another treatment too. After having had my phone glued to my ear since Monday morning, I feel like I need a total health MOT 🙂

    I was in SpaceNK in Muswell Hill today and after chatting with the lovely girl in there, she offered me an Eve Lom facial – for free – next week and she has agreed to do a mini- interview for me….yippee!

    My giveaway tomorrow is skincare related….I shall say no more 🙂

    Hope all is well with you 🙂 xo

  8. I’d love to take part… no, really I would. I like nice shoes every bit as much as the next man… but on a woman. Trouble is I don’t think I OWN seven pairs of shoes… nowhere near.

    I could do my wife’s? But she might not be too happy.


  9. OMG. Whatever you do, please, please, please do NOT ask me to post pics of my shoes. You would weep with the sheer ineptitude of my footwear department. I cannot believe real people own such glamorous shoes. I must get myself a new and more glamorous life immediately.

  10. I bow down to your superior shoes collection… just beautiful… love the red Mary Janes, what fab wedding shoes! x

  11. Hey again- I tagged you in a ‘five years’ game if you’d like to play x

  12. Darling! What an honour to be selected to show you my shoes. I just don’t think I have the time to do this. They are mostly unfeasonably high heels and I can only walk a few feet in them. I love all your shoes – they are a lot more classy than mine.

  13. Squee… again!! Love your selection – I know I said it on Twitter on Weds but they are gorgeous shoes – you did the award proud! I really love those Mary Janes… in fact I love them all. Great pic of Little L! xxx

  14. Love, love, LOVE this post. What a genius idea. Although, I’d be hard pushed to pick out just seven…

  15. Oh lordy! i have big shoe envy.. (especially your wedding ones, love the idea of wearing red shoes for your wedding day!) and I am a little scared …my shoes are no match for those babies ;D xxx

  16. Show me a girl who doesn’t love shoes and I’ll show you someone who’s yet to be kissed awake (Did that make sense). Anyway, just stopped by to say thank you for visiting my blog and was stopped in my tracks by this delicious post. Even my 2 year old girl loves her shoes 🙂 Will be back for more.

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