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An unexpected girl crush

John Mayer in concert

Last week we went to see John Mayer in concert. I am in love with his music. A friend of mine once said he was brilliant live, and ever since I have been intrigued to find out for myself. Another thing I really wanted to see for myself: the Mayer factor. There’s got to be something magical about this man that makes women go after him like moths after my favourite cashmere coat.

Sitting in row number seven, I had a good view on the chap that drives the ladies crazy. And I just wasn’t seeing it. Nope. Nothing. Actually, I did see something I wish I hadn’t.

Playing the guitar (admittedly virtuously), he played himself into some kind of guitar Shangri-La. Playing faster and faster, getting into it deeper and deeper and deeper. His eyeballs were rolling behind closed eyes, his features distorted in musical ecstasy, twitching, grimacing. The climax was tangibly close.

Too close for my taste, and way too tangible. I stared in disbelief at the man on stage who was acting as if he was about to come. Or was he really?

I decided to close my eyes, too, and let the music wash over me. My love for his music, it was still there. Some things are so much more enjoyable when the lights are off.

On a different and much more innocent note: Ellie Goulding played as special guest before John Mayer started his ‘show’. She completely blew me away with her performance – she seems to burst with positive energy and her voice is incredible live!


  1. Is he that one that messed around with Jennifer Annison? Anniston? I’m not sure who he is but if it was him, he’s nasty. If it’s not him apologies Mr Mayer! I don’t think I’d have liked to have seen what you saw. Euugh.

    Ah live music…gigs….

  2. All good musicians do the come face thing, don’t they?

    When I saw the title of this post I thought it was going to be about you having a crush on a girl!

    It’s early. I’m pregnant and easily confused.

  3. So I saw John Mayer a few years ago – I wasn’t close at all – but I remember him having no stage presence…I think he just stood in the same spot! I guess I’m glad I wasn’t that close…

  4. What a coincidence! I was listening to JM yesterday morning as I made breakfast. What a honey

  5. Oh goodness, how horrible and hilarious all at the same time! I have always wondered about his apparent female magnetism too… I have yet to see him in person though, and after what you described I think I may just trust you. HA!

    But seriously, isn’t live music the best????

  6. I love JM, and have been to see him play live twice…although I can’t say I saw what you saw.

    The first time we saw him play was in a small club in Manchester, very small crowd by his standards but at the time nobody had heard of him in the UK. He was so amazing live I’ve been evangelising about his music ever since. What I don’t like though, is when he gives an interview as he usually ends up talking a load of sh*te. Pardon my french. He should just stick to playing music and say no to interviews.

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