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Advanced Parenting

I admit it. I am a crap parent. The philosophy by which our daughter is raised follows the principles of PLR (The Path of Least Resistance), i.e. I am trying to make it as easy for myself as it can possibly get. It’s Hipp instead of baby led weaning (I never got the point of slaving away hours at the hob when all little L wanted is to smother the kitchen floor in pumpkin purée) and ‘dadada’ will have to get her through until she starts to speak properly.

Baby led weaning, cloth nappies and baby sign language all sounds nice and well, but it’s just not for me.

However, I was intrigued when my mother in law brought home the ‘Signing Book for the Posh Child’.

It prepares your child for all the really important things to point out even before she masters the art of speech. You have to admit, Champagne is a really difficult word.

And so is Accessory. But we might be easy on her and start with Miu Miu. In true PLR manner. Now, where do I enter for Mother of the Year?