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I admit it. I am a crap parent. The philosophy by which our daughter is raised follows the principles of PLR (The Path of Least Resistance), i.e. I am trying to make it as easy for myself as it can possibly get. It’s Hipp instead of baby led weaning (I never got the point of slaving away hours at the hob when all little L wanted is to smother the kitchen floor in pumpkin purée) and ‘dadada’ will have to get her through until she starts to speak properly.

Baby led weaning, cloth nappies and baby sign language all sounds nice and well, but it’s just not for me.

However, I was intrigued when my mother in law brought home the ‘Signing Book for the Posh Child’.

It prepares your child for all the really important things to point out even before she masters the art of speech. You have to admit, Champagne is a really difficult word.

And so is Accessory. But we might be easy on her and start with Miu Miu. In true PLR manner. Now, where do I enter for Mother of the Year?


  1. Brilliant. That is the only book a parent should ever need. I hope there’s a sign for shoes in there. And how about Prada?

  2. Great book. Definitely a good start to wanting to good things in life – although you might need to start worrying when she says “Credit card please mama” !!

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  4. Am so on the same page… especially of that book! Brilliant! SC knows about Veuve Clicquot – I just need to get her to able spell it now and we’re on the road to an educated child! So pleased that you’ll be at Jasper Garvida tomorrow night – will be on Met Mum Watch! xxx

  5. What a wonderful book! On my ‘to buy’ list. I also have a book of ‘posh’ nursery rhymes that include hermes, miu miu, and louboutin 🙂

    I honestly think a lot of that stuff is a load of crap anyway – baby signing? Who has the time? I don’t. Baby led weaning? The moment she bit me we were on the weaning path. And cloth nappies seemed like more trouble than they were worth. But to each his own, of course!

  6. Mother Hen says

    By chance is that book French? It would explain a lot about Europeans.

  7. Hello!! I wondered if you would be down South for the Revival as I remembered your husband liked the cars. A blogger event in Bognor Regis. Goodness me! I could have gone…didn’t know about it! I am glad that this area makes you think of me; I am the same about London and you 🙂 Nice. Take care MM, Lou x

  8. I have just engaged brain and figured it was Butlins? Did you win anything? I hope you did… Lou xx

  9. I’ve seen you with Little L and you are a brilliant mum, but this is definitely the book every mother needs … hope she will soon be able to say ‘Gucci Gucci Coo’ x

  10. I love that your mother-in-law bought this for you 🙂 And it is pure genius. Plus Little L will be the envy of the classroom knowing all of this!

  11. Alas my kids are too old to benefit from this book – but I make sure their education development is stimulated by making sure they read Vogue regularly and am proud to say they can now list thirty italian designers in under five minutes!

  12. Alas my daughters are too old to take advantage of such a marvellously educational book but I do make sure they get their fashion education via reading Vogue regularly and am proud to say they now know their A-Z of italian fashion designers…and of course all about legendary Austrian fashion journalists like Bruno

  13. simone says

    This made me smile!!

    I was at Jasper Garvida last night and saw your name on the guest list….didn’t spot you and did look out for you 🙂 Did you make it?

    I’ve been invited to a “family” event on Sept 30…any chance you have too?

    Hope all is well with you 🙂

  14. OOh I feel homesick. Are us Brits the only boozers. Feeling uncomfortable about my joint blogging as one of the other Mommys has just written a Jerry Springer type love letter to the AA on her 25 years of sobriety pointing out (on her moral high horse) that she has never been drunk in front of her children as though that is something we should all aspire too. I am such a great Mum after a couple of glasses of champers!

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