Food, Yummy Mummy


My friend Julia recently introduced me to the term Lattemamma – the Swedish, slightly more PC translation for Yummy Mummy. Think cafes on Östermalm (Stockholm’s very own South Ken), German estate cars and children called Apple or Moses. I only score one out of three, but I found the term very appropriate nevertheless.

No, I am not spending my days in the cosy, milk-steamy atmosphere of coffee shops – although I could warm to the idea. But I owe the best part of what’s left of my sanity to Starbucks. Moreover, the latte gene seems to run in the family. I have a Lattebaby!

Unfortunately, little L has discovered the word ‘No’. Which turns into ‘NoNoNoNoNoooh!!!’ as soon as I try to strap her onto a chair. This slight change in behaviour has made spending any time in a coffee shop impossible.

Thank God for tumblers to go. Like this one:

Some mind-reading people at Starbucks must have put 2+2 together (nearing terrible twos + coffee removal = mother on the verge of nervous breakdown) and sent me this wonderful grande tumbler. What they didn’t know: I have got one already.

If you, like me, are a Lattemamma On The Go, this tumbler could become your new best friend. Leave a comment below to enter the prize draw. Drawing on September 15 at noon.

Off to get coffee now. x