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My friend Julia recently introduced me to the term Lattemamma – the Swedish, slightly more PC translation for Yummy Mummy. Think cafes on Östermalm (Stockholm’s very own South Ken), German estate cars and children called Apple or Moses. I only score one out of three, but I found the term very appropriate nevertheless.

No, I am not spending my days in the cosy, milk-steamy atmosphere of coffee shops – although I could warm to the idea. But I owe the best part of what’s left of my sanity to Starbucks. Moreover, the latte gene seems to run in the family. I have a Lattebaby!

Unfortunately, little L has discovered the word ‘No’. Which turns into ‘NoNoNoNoNoooh!!!’ as soon as I try to strap her onto a chair. This slight change in behaviour has made spending any time in a coffee shop impossible.

Thank God for tumblers to go. Like this one:

Some mind-reading people at Starbucks must have put 2+2 together (nearing terrible twos + coffee removal = mother on the verge of nervous breakdown) and sent me this wonderful grande tumbler. What they didn’t know: I have got one already.

If you, like me, are a Lattemamma On The Go, this tumbler could become your new best friend. Leave a comment below to enter the prize draw. Drawing on September 15 at noon.

Off to get coffee now. x


  1. Love the new word…been to Sweden (from Norway) but didn’t hear that one…love your blog…nice pix of cute people…with teenagers currently causing their wonderful teenage havoc here, it’s nice to remember how sweet they once were!

  2. I have latteboys. Mini is adicted to decaf latte and even asked for Mummy coffee at home too.

    So we would live on so so much

  3. C was introduced to babyccino, foam milk only. I leave her attached to the buggy when I need a proper coffee. Our problem is not the highchair , its the fact that she will be back to the buggy to go home. Which means she start shouting, no comments about it.

  4. Cute pic! Mine likes babyccino too – makes her feel all grown up. Mine will no longer fit in a highchair so she clambers all around the coffee shop – not at al relaxing which somehow defeats the object of going for a coffee.

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  6. Your Lattebaby is so wonderful! Even the ” nos” must be cute. Well pretty cute anyway.

  7. I had to buy a coffee machine for home to get my vanilla lattes in peace!!

    Well worth it though. Every day, I go through to the kitchen (after putting the tv on!), and make myself a latte.

    Helps to make the day feel a bit more grown up if that makes any sense!

  8. Ahh Starbucks. Dear to my heart! Sadly not here in my town – I know, how shocking is that! Still I’ve tracked down a great cafe and try to enjoy a latte or two but actually sitting still whilst drinking isn’t an option with a 2 yr old busy Miss. I look forward to the day we can sit together with our lattes after a little shopping trip together.

  9. I’ve had to give up coffee during this pregnancy and am crying every single day. VERY much looking forward to re-entering the world of lattemamas soon. And I will be needing one of those take away mugs!

  10. Much prefer the term Lattemama to Yummy Mummy. Coffee is my sanity, lifeline and saviour. The time will return when Little L will happily sit still in the coffee shop so take heart! xx

  11. Where I used to live in Nappy Valley was chock full of Lattemammas. Here I’ve noticed the ‘moms’ don’t tend to hang out in coffee shops so much – although everyone always turns up to a children’s party clutching a grande Starbucks!

  12. I may not be a lattemamma (need a baby for that – but I’m working on it!) but Starbucks is my cryptonite! And living in the middle of nowhere France, if I had the tumbler, I could pretend that the coffee in it was from Starbucks and that would be the next best thing!

    And you’re totally a yummy mummy!

  13. I would be a lattemamma if we had anything approaching a coffee shop within 15 miles of us. So I’m more of an instant-coffee-from-the-kitchen-while- taking-out-the-laundry -mamma but that has less of a catchy ring to it. I don’t need the mug so don’t pick me! Give it to a worthier cause – someone who can actually fill it latte.

  14. Am sure my baby will arrive with a penchant for Starbucks skinny hot choc… It’s the one vice I’ve not forsaken during pregnancy. It could be worse, at least I’m not going full hog and having the squirty cream.

  15. I stopped drinking coffee today 🙁 Trying to freshen up my insides and drinking vegetable juice instead.. been 1 day so far..gulp

  16. I love that name: Lattemama! Sounds even better than Yummy Mummy.

    I have two ‘flasks’ as my English hubby calls them) from Caribou Coffee in Minnesota and I love them. They are school run essentials. Would it be too cheeky to ask to be put in a draw for a third?! It would get equal usage, I promise! Everyone tried to get to the flasks first in our house, a third would be most welcomed… 😀

  17. Lattemama is soo much better than yummy mummy.
    I wish I had more time to pop into coffee shops and have a chance to sit down and relax with my drink, feels like I only drink a hot drink at my desk at work or at my desk at home, what I wouldn’t give to be able to have a coffe on my way to work in the car lol *it’s the little things*

  18. Oh I so know what it is like… Victor is a real pain in the backside now and refuses to be strapped, so when I dear the coffee shop trip I usually end up more flustered than relax. The other day he nearly ran out of the place if it wasn’t for someone stopping him in his stride. I go on my own these days, far more enjoyable 🙂

  19. A humdrum mum says

    Oh gosh I really want it. And I want to be a Lattemama. -HMx

  20. says

    I love that term and I thanks coffee shops for keeping me sane.

  21. I am too late for the drawer but I love the term lattemama and may start to use it!

    My favourite tipple in a coffee house is actually hot milk and Starbucks will do adult hot milks as well as baby ones if you ask… with syrups… very good

  22. ooh yes you need lots of coffee to keep the creative juices flowing. How’s the novel coming? I can’t wait to read it ….hope it is steamy and frothy and has er lots of big cups in it

  23. love it!

    my 2yo’s frothy milk addiction is nearly as strong as my caffeine one.

    call me flatwhitemamma though. lattes just don’t cut through the fog of no sleep.

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