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Christmas gift guide 2010, part 1: What Men Want

Men. A not so rare species from Mars.

Another pair of socks? A funny tie? Paisley print pyjamas? Unsurprisingly, men don’t share the same enthusiasm women revel in when it comes to Christmas.

If you are looking for a Christmas present for your dad, your brother, your boyfriend or your husband – there is one rule of thumb you need to follow when choosing gifts for the male variety of humankind.

Hard is good, soft is bad!

I know what you are about to say now. ‘But this unbelievably gorgeous Marc Jakobs messenger bag…’ Nope! (Although that’s maybe what you want.) ‘And what about that heavenly soft scarf I knitted with my bleeding fingers?’ Nah! ‘Even not the snug Long Johns my mum has sent for him?’ No, no and nonono!

Ask a man, if you don’t believe me. And maybe try something along these lines to make him really happy…

The Leatherman Multitool. Men love their tools. Even if they are blessed with two left hands. From £31.53

Tickets for ‘the best event of the year’ (Big M’s words, not mine), if your man has even the remotest interest in vintage cars. From £35. And if you yourself are a fan of vintage dresses, get yourself a ticket too and enjoy the dressing up!

Help him to drown out the noise (of the kids?) with these sophisticated Bose Headphones. From £69

Cufflinks with an edge. Go for these Crowned Skull Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks by Simon Carter. From £50

Much cheaper than the actual car: a magazine subscription. The Evo trial is 3 for £1 at the moment.

A laser distance measure (don’t ask…). From £62.95

A classic print of a classic gentleman. From £15.95

Something to lift the spirit. VSOP Cognac from the Petite Champagne from £25.95.

That’s sorted then. Now, what do I want…?


  1. Oh, I guess that sweater with a christmas tree on it and the matching mittens will have to go back then…

    Some good ideas there, I think mine wants a Kindle, but I reckon he’d secretly like the distance measurer thingy.

  2. Distance measure thing? Yep sadly that has real potential. I recommend the Goodwood one of course – living here I see it every year without fail – lots of very happy men with their fancy cars! Lou xx

  3. What’s that laser measure thing? I don’t even know what it is but I’m sure my engineer husband would love it! What about a ticket for a football match?

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  5. Big P. just confirmed: very good choice. Strike!
    I would like to add remote controlled helicopters for men of all ages.

  6. Great ideas. I’d like to add anything from those lovely Apple guys would be a hit with the Huzz (and me too).

  7. You forgot technological crap that he doesn’t even need!! Like iPhone 4’s and the like. Bloody expensive!

  8. I would be quite happy with Goodwood and James Bond myself- particularly James Bond- he’s my perfect man as played by Sean

  9. The Leatherman is great. Men can never have enough of this kind of thing. Although bizarrely this Christmas my husband has asked me to buy him some new clothes. I think he has realised that I choose better things than he does!

  10. That’s a very good list!!! Maybe the soap on a rope wasn’t such a great idea 😉

  11. Great ideas. I notice that your ideas for men are much cheaper than those for women. 🙂

    I think you may have just determined my present to Babes this year – he would love that laser distance measure thingy. Men are crazy!

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