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Christmas gift guide 2010, part 2: Something for the ladies

Throughout the year, I keep on tripping over potential presents that hold the possibility of making a dear friend/my mother in law/my sister happy beyond words. But comes Christmas, my mind goes blank as soon as I need to face elbowing my way through the hordes of maniac shoppers that aimlessly but very determined congest the streets of London. It all reminds me a bit of Return of The Zombies. (‘Leave that leg alone, it’s all mine, uaaah, uaaah, uaah!’)

However, there is hope: it’s called Met Mum’s little black book of presents. And because it is Christmas, soon, I am going to share a few of my cunning gift ideas with you.

Bye bye dark circles! Every mother, partying teenager or any other tired woman will be eternally thankful for this gift. From £28

A box of Ladurée macaroons. Make mine salted caramel, vanilla and red berries, please. From £9.80 for a gift box of six pieces.

Diptyque Eau Duelle. The most exciting scent I have encountered in a very long time. ‘A narrow escapade between gentleness and character, feminity and virility. Vanilla and exhilarating spices are intertwined unleashing splendid blends.’ From £45

For warm ears. Fluffy, rabbit fur beanie hat (also in black). From £59

Yes, you can have the whole essie winter collection! From £32.06 for a set of six.

For lovers of the written word. Beautiful, ink stamped correspondence cards with hand lined envelopes. From £30 for a box of 10 sets.

Heavenly thin milk chocolate wafers with sea salt. From £11.95

For a little preppy chic. Lulu London wool cape in camel. From £75

For beautiful legs. Falke tights from £18

Something to lift the mood on grim winter days. From £36

For the lover of food: Le Creuset casserole. From £95

For the lattemamma. Pre-paid Starbucks Card. From £5

To lounge around or to be dressed up for an evening out. Supersoft, cashmere and wool mix jumper dress from American Vintage. From £90

And last but not least, for a little sparkle. Alex Monroe 22-karat-gold-pleated feather earrings. From £150

Happy shopping!


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  2. I think I want about everything on your list – especially the cosmetic that removes dark circles. And the furry hat and camel-colored cape. Fabulous!

  3. That is a great list- I love the cape- I love the polish- I love the note cards- I don’t like sweets and I can’t be sure that I trust you regarding the perfume because we don’t even know each other IRL.
    Le Creuset is a staple.
    Now what on earth- does it make me look younger- dark circles be gone puffy eyes- this I’ve got to research.

  4. Well done. I have a girl friend who I like to get something special and the YSL Touche might be perfect! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas

  5. You are very posh, and have fantastic taste too…love everything, altho I feel I am living in a parallel universe. I seem to be purshasing snow/ski/climbing/gardening stuff, sensible wool-wear and big sturdy footwear…I am going to study these objects on your list more carefully in an effort to find my feminine side, which is currently buried somewhere in the snow.

  6. Big M says

    Hint, hint?

    Is that MM’s wish list? Lovely stuff and thanks for the links 🙂

  7. @Island Mum: I think you’ve picked the one thing that is not available through mail order…

  8. OMG I want those chocolates and those earrings. and the macaroons. You should get a job as a gift buyer!

  9. I love this list, so well chosen and beautiful choices. The earrings are stunning. I have an Alex Monroe necklace I won which I love.

  10. All wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing! I think I am going to get my credit card out and start spending.

  11. Perfect list! I would be thrilled to get any of these presents. Except maybe the macaroons, my thighs just don’t need them! 🙂

  12. There are a few things on here that would make good “stocking fillers” for my wife. I hate trying to buy things for her, too much stress. Clothes are always wrong so I can’t go anywhere near them!

  13. Such great choices! The rabbit fur beanie would be so comforting on a cold day! And yes, yes to the dark circle remover as there are so many late nights during the holidays.

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