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It’s bring your child to work day!

Despite the chilly breeze out there and thanks to an invite to a Kew SS11 collection preview, I have been gazing at Spring and Summer clothes this morning. As I had no one to look after little L, she accompanied me on my trip to the West End.

Once we arrived at Kew, I sat her down with a book and a croissant, and she just sat there, nibbling at her pastry and cheerfully greeting all passers-by. ‘If I knew the next one would turn out exactly like her,’ I jokingly said to the lovely PR lady, ‘I’d have another one.’

Now there is a thought. Could this be the end of The End of Broodiness?


  1. Well, you have probably jinxed now. It will be a bouncy boy!
    Nice to do something colourful on a cold winters day.

  2. Always a lovely surprise when the kiddos are so perfectly behaved you can hardly believe they are yours (from my experience that is!).

  3. Ah I remember (like it was yesterday) saying “my next one will be just like the first” I thought it had to do with being such a cool relaxed parent- I was annoyed when others would say the next one could/would be different- From the day Monkey two was born I knew I was done! Dr. J had the big V soon after his birth. We are fond of saying that life did not change much after the first-
    If it is any consolation- No one has ever loved me as much in my whole life as my second monkey- he is a lover and a cuddle bug-

  4. I took my son to work once and he crawled under everyone’s desks and pulled the computer cables out of all the sockets…I spent most of the morning crawlig about the floor in hot pursuit. My kids loved being taken to work coz they usually got a bag of ‘naughtie food’ to munch to keep them quiet…a rare treat.

  5. Oooh, it’s a slippery slope once you start thinking that way….

    I once took Littleboy 1, as a one year old, along to meet a work contact. It was an informal coffee in Cafe Rouge, so I thought it would be OK. However he spent the entire time playing with the sugar on the table and causing trouble. Needless to say, I didn’t hear from her again!

  6. Oh dear… a slippery slope!

    She does sound incredibly well behaved but somehow they always seem to know when to rise to the occasion – Bigger was incredibly well behaved when she came in to see my work, probably should have acted less surprised on reflection!

  7. I have a similar feeling just now. I think I’m done, but if I knew I’d definitely have one healthy girl, I’d probably go for it. I’d quite like a sister for the other one.

  8. I love The Madhouse’ comment!! It’s very true! Luckily Chick is always pretty well behaved when I have to take her to work! Your girl is beautiful xx

  9. Karen says

    I have nearly reached that stage again too, except on days like today when there seems to have been tantrums galore. A very adorable age though most of the time. Kx

  10. the end of the end of broodiness… that is a thought… little L is so well behaved and such a little lady I can completely understand

    I like Kew/ Jigsaw very much, definitely worth making the trip into town for

  11. Well… it could be! My second child slept so, so badly that I always thought we would not have another one, and now three years later we have recently welcomed baby Francisco into our lives. So maybe, yes, you are ready for your next baby 😉
    Francisco does not sleep much either by the way, but he is so cute and now I am sure, sure that there are not going to be any more babies, so I am trying to spend as much time with him as I can!

  12. oooh yes! just do it! Throw the condoms out of the window. Little L will love a brother or sister ……I’m all for this

    Both my girls are great but I know what you mean you think what if the next one is a really annoying little so and so?

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