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On being stuck

When I said I was going to write a novel a few months ago, I sat down, started typing and let the words carry me away. In the first few weeks, I have been completely obsessed with getting it out, unable to enjoy a meal with my husband without longingly gazing at my laptop. Sure, the dialogues might sound a bit odd and my tenses are mostly all over the place – but at least I was making progress. I was.

Now I am stuck. I still know what I want to write, and if I really force myself, I am still able to put it in writing. The problem is, it doesn’t sound right anymore. Not only have I lost any idea how to create a mood, I don’t feel any mood anymore. I am completely moodless. Uninspired. Bored.

So. I decided to take a week off novel writing. NoNoWriWe. As opposed to NaNoWriMo. I am going to spend time wandering around London, taking pictures, soaking up the energy, the buzz and the atmosphere, hoping to be kissed by a muse or two. Wish me luck.


  1. Sounds a great idea. I’m sure you’ll find stacks of inspiration whilst out and about. And I’m sure a few coffee stops and a few more glasses of wine will get the creative juices flowing again.

  2. Good luck. Sometimes it’s better to just not think about it, even for a few days, and suddenly the inspiration will flow again! Go out and enjoy life and get your mood back 😉

  3. Writing always sounds so easy doesn’t it? I’m sitting here with a deadline and no idea what to write to close the piece. Pah!

  4. Sounds like a good idea. Put it aside for a while, recharge your batteries, then go and look at it again with fresh eyes. If that doesn’t work then I’d still take a break and then just carrying on writing. You may find the ideas continue to flow after writing those first few sentences. Writing anything has to be better than writing nothing. Enjoy the fresh air, forget about it all for a while and take the pressure off. I’m certain that will work.

  5. Hi! Thanks for your comment. It’s a great present to raise your daughter in three languages! Congrats! I studied Swedish many years ago and I love how it sounds, very sweet and musical. My blog is about raising children in more than one language. In our case, it’s Spanish, Catalan and a little bit of English. Please, feel free to recommend children’s books or songs. You can comment in English as all the readers can understand you. Good luck with your holidays and your book!

  6. I just have to tell you, in the hope of inspiring your writing energy to blossom, that your blog is one of my favourites! I really like the way you write. Its always interesting and enjoyable to read. I genuinely think you are a good writer so don’t worry about your book. I’m sure it will emerge somehow!!

  7. I’m also trying out NaNoWriMo – although the full time writing job has got somewhat in the way! NaNoWriWe is a good idea. Why don’t you spend a day making a moodboard for your story? You could literally cut out pictures, print quotes, and put your main plot points in bubbles together on an A3 board of things that feel ‘right’ for your story, in the style in which you’d like to tell it. It might help with the inspiration, but more importantly it might get your enthusiasm for your own story back. Let us know how it goes!

  8. I love this video from Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) on the creative process – might inspire you!

  9. As a writer/director I totally empathise with the writing process. This obsession tends to be common but often it’s very useful to get everything out then put your first draft in a drawer and then return to it a few weeks later and read it objectively. A great book to read is Dorethea Brande’s Becoming A Writer-amazing book. Good luck with the novel, writing is all in the rewriting.

  10. Hello. Hope you’ve managed to have a break from it and returned recharged. I think you have to go with your feelings at the time and if it isn’t flowing right, take some time off or write something else entirely. I do love the idea of NaNoWriMo. I’ll do it one day!

  11. Good luck with the recharging……hope it makes sense a bit more once you come back to it, I sympathise 🙂

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