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One day in Paris

If your husband offered to take you out for a whole day, what would you choose to do? Would you board an early morning train and go to Paris?

Would you have lunch at Laduree in St-Germain-des-Pres?

Would you gently stroke cosy cashmere jumpers and playful prints at Diane von Fürstenberg?

Would you stroll down to the Seine and browse through old books, postcards and posters?

Would you wonder if you looked any Parisian in a stripey, Sonia Rykiel jumper?

Would you lick your fingers after the smoothest dark chocolate you ever sampled at Debauve & Hallais?

Would throw chubby little handbags over your shoulder at Paul & Joe?

Would you slip into a perfect pair of perfectly preppy ballerinas at Repetto?

Would you buy crunchy-on-the-outside, heavenly-soft-on-the-inside rye bread at Poilâne?

Would you start envisioning yourself living in a Haussmann apartment in the 6th arrondissement?

Thank you so much, Big M. Happy Wedding Anniversary!


  1. yes yes yes yes yes yes… and so on… how wonderful- Paris is heaven with added macaroons- and joyeux anniversaire

  2. Wow! I would say yes to all of that, what a lovely, wonderful, tasty, fab day!! And what a beautiful model to show to day off… 🙂 Loved this photo journey of your day, very romantic.

  3. He wouldn’t be able to blink before I was dressed and ready to go. Glad you had such a wonderful day and Happy Anniversary.

  4. I can’t begin to explain how much I enjoyed reading your Paris blog! I’m a mother of 4 year old twins and live in Bahrain where I don’t get much of a chance to do anything romantic with my husband of 9 years 🙁 . Lucky you! Keep writing please

  5. simone says

    How wonderful, happy anniversary to you!!

    Gorgeous Monday morning post, made me smile and I loved the pics!

    What a great day 🙂 And yes, isn’t bread from Poilane the best, yum!

    Have a great week 🙂

  6. Grattis ma chère!
    At Boulevard Haussmann I would quickly stop for a Grand Mimosa à la maison Marnier.
    I would take a sip, feel its butterflies, stick my nose in Paris air and miss you. Just a little bit.

  7. WOW – now that is what I call an anniversary celebration. Romance is not dead – it is live and well with Mr MM! Looks like you had an awesome time – I like the photos – a great little anniversary diary. Lou x

  8. Sounds just a divine way to spend your anniversary. Cheers to Mr MM for being so wonderful and I’m glad for you that you got a fab day too!

  9. popped in via blog hop (waves back). OMG how lovely. (Knashing teeth with jealousy). Looks like a memorable day. Wonderful photos – I almost feel I went to!

  10. aww – what a lovely day. I’m just a wee bit jealous! will be telling my husband about this for sure!!!

  11. Wanna go NOW NOW NOW….we’re taking the kids in the spring (they don’t know that yet). Could be a slightly ‘different’ kind of visit….I’m calling it an ‘educational tour’ but it’s actually an excuse to chase chocolate. In French, which is always more glam.

  12. YES i would!!
    I jumped on a plane with the hubster for 2 days in Paris for my 40th bday- we met my australian bestie who flew in with her hubby for 5 days and a london girlfriend- who ,like you, jumped on the first train she could manage after school drop off & then took the last home that night! what a magic 2 days of indulgence and friendship we all enjoyed!
    love your days strolling….& yep you are looking very paris cool!!
    melissa x

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