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Just kidding. I found this phrase on someone else’s twitter page and started wondering if she still had friends. Mustn’t that be weird, to be friends with a writer, fearing she is getting the inspiration for that neurotic girlfriend from you? And how bizarre must watching Sex and the City have been for the real Mr Big? Here’s hoping my friends never start writing novels.


  1. No it’s fine if it’s a positive description isn’t it like if I am in your novel as a leggy sexy Austrian heiress with long blonde tresses and a penchant for apple strudel – then you have my permission. Although I know I am only a virtual friend so dunno if that counts. Still I don’t mind if you slot me in!

  2. Hey I don’t mind if you put me in your novel as long as I’m not a witchy looking lady with warts on her nose. I don’t mind being called Emma and being half austrian …does that make me a fame wh*re?

  3. simone says

    Very funny, great line 🙂

    The dresses are gorgeous aren’t they….of course I don’t mind you putting them on your blog 🙂

    Isn’t it freezing?!! Stay warm 🙂 x

  4. Big M says

    Ohh, great so I am in there, thank you!

    I just knew that the dashing, Ferrari driving, Race mechanic in the scene in Monaco (chapter 11) reminded me of someone!

    Or was that a different book….

  5. I love it, though. What a great line to give those who are in a need of a good attitude adjustment!

  6. Yikes! I’ll definitely try to behave this Sunday! How is it going with this novel MM? When will I be seeing it in the Waterstones bookshelves??? xxx LZ

  7. When I was a reporter I lost count of the number of people who would say to me ‘I’d better be careful what I say, or I’ll end up in the paper’. Nine times out of ten what they had to say was not very interesting at all.

  8. I have a half written novel and my biggest fear is that when it makes all the top seller lists (cough) I will be asked where my inspiration came from. Some of the characters aren’t that nice, and yes, they’re based on a number of people I know, so I’m desperately making sure that no one is recognisable.

  9. Very funny line! I know of a friend-of-a-friend who is writing an Aga Saga and all her friends are desperate to know if they’re in it. They seem like they actually want to be in it, not sure I would!

  10. One time whilst sitting on the Jubilee Line in London I found myself sat opposite a well known comedian who was clearly people watching and I suddenly thought AHA that’s where he gets some of those characters!!!

  11. I echo what the Coffee Lady says.

    It’s one of the reasons I haven’t told any new friends in America that I have a blog…

  12. Imagine reading ‘Ghost’ by Robert Harris if your name is Tony Blair….yikes. I know one of my very greatest friends is a bit scared of this happening to him, so, upon seeing the film of the book, emailed me to say he now realized it was important to remain my very good friend….not sure if that is good or bad!

  13. Very funny. As a professional writer I tend to combine several people I know especially relatives and create a new character. Has seemed to have got me out of trouble…so far!

  14. I have a friend who’s secretly writing a blog and I was convinced one of the characters was me, but when I asked her she said she hadn’t got to me yet! Ha! How well do you know yourself and how do others see you in comparison?!

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