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Just bleating

I borrowed the idea of bleating from the ingenious Home Office Mum. A bleat is ‘…a random thought you have (which you’d like to share) and is too long for a tweet and not quite long enough for a blog post in its own right.’ Let’s start with

#icypavements Seriously, how difficult can it be? One big heap of vomit-resembling road salt every ten metres does not do an ice-free pavement. The weather forecast has promised snow for the last two weeks. So how comes the council of Islington is, once again, so bloody unprepared? The pavements are covered with a solid layer of ice, turning a short trip down to the shops into a potentially back-breaking mission. #rubbingthatbluebumcheek

#PeppaPigChristmasEpisode Please tell me I am not the only one who gets confused over the line ‘George hangs the balls’.

#holidayswithkids The winter sun break has been scrapped in favour for a week in Cornwall in February *shivers*. How do other people go on vacation with small kids? It’s not only the ten hour flight I fear – it’s the extra ticket and the extras in accommodation (nope, don’t fancy sharing a room with my daughter and going to bed at 7pm) that send the cost for a few days on a sunny beach soaring up into the sky, turning the Caribbean into a faint and distant memory. #Iwanttobeamillionaire

#boobs After ten months of excruciating exercise (Mr Cottonsocks turned out to be quite the drillmaster), I am back in shape. Hurray! However, there is one bit (or two, to be precise) that seems to be kaput for good. No matter how many push ups I do, my once gently curved bosom remains sadly deflated. A-Cup to DD and back is a journey without return, my dear friends. The only, and in my case rather unlikely solution: a lift and fill that not only involves a donut cut (cutting out of the nipple around the areola and repositioning it further north, ouch!), but also a bill of anything between 6 and 10k. I remember my midwife telling me I could save £800 in formula a year if I breastfed. Ha!

#iPhonelicking Ever tried to activate a touch screen with woollen gloves on?

Your turn now. What are you bleating about?


  1. The only way to have a vacation post children is to make sure your accomadations have at least one bedroom. Then at least you can put the little one down without having to go to bed at 7pm. Not too hard in the states to find. They are often call residence inns or suites. Otherwise, leave the kiddo with grandma and grandpa or trade with a good friend to watch their child while they go on vacationa nd they watch yours. We do that a lot. Walk carefully until they get the streets taken care of. I have fallen a few times myself and it is no fun!

  2. #iphonelicking is a brilliant hashtag. I haven’t got an iphone but I do have a touch screen. Can’t do anything with it when I’ve got gloves on. Nearly as annoying as #icypavements

  3. I use my nose with my touchscreen, sounds like I’ll be able to use my boobs in future when I stop breastfeeding! (Please let that not be true, please let my boobs be unique and bounce back, purrrlease!!)
    Hmm not sure I’ve got the hang of this bleating lark 😉

  4. I was having my skis re-balanced a few weeks ago and the guy was trying to sell me gloves with something in the fingertips to enable the wearer to use their phone. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about – until I tried to answer my phone while out walking the dog in sub-zero temps today.
    I may have to go back and have a look-see.

  5. I have been joking with my husband that maybe he should start saving for a boob job for my 40th for that very reason. Somehow, based on your description maybe I’ll go back to plan A and just ask for diamonds. Ouch!

  6. #holidays – Self catering is the only way, girl. You’ll have another bedroom, and won’t have to send down to room service to get a bottle warmed up. We only stay in hotels now under duress, or when travelling.

    I have not seen this Peppa Pig episode. But it sounds hilarious!

  7. I bottle fed the first, breastfed the second. Makes no difference. So you’re still in credit, if that makes it in any way better.

  8. #boobs you can also try the new stem cell implants which don’t require cutting
    My issue is how do you know how many stem cells to put in? I mean what if the breasts keep growing and one ends up looking like Jordan?

  9. Love this post. LOVE it.

    My bleat would be all about #gettingabsolutelynosleep, but I think I will now go and try to remedy that, because I see it’s nearly eleven o’clock again. Bummer.

  10. I have returned!! Been a bit chaotic recently sorry for the lack of comments… I tried Yoga and Pilates, but I think my mind is too busy and I couldn’t concentrate and just wanted it all to be over, though I need to loose some bloody weight, I’ve been eating to keep warm, and it’s been to cold to take the dogs for their walks, they don’t want to go out anyway… Perhaps I can get inspired to move xx

  11. Re: icy pavements. In Canada, we used to shovel the pavement in front of our house, including your own front walk (for posties, etc). That’s the deal… therefore most pavements would be clear by the time it got cold enough to freeze and be dangerous. Of course, our pavement was the only clear section on our road here in London!

  12. iphonelicking! Hilarious.

    And re the boobs, ah, it’s the cost of childbearing. Don’t you think L’s worth it, though?

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