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The Blow Bar

Guess who’s been on a roll

The ultimate pick-me-up on a chilly Friday afternoon… What about great hair? Now you say ‘Moi? Avec hair extraordinaire?’ And I say ‘Mais oui, ma belle, if I can do it, so can you.’ Let me introduce me to my most recent beauty find in Islington: The Blow Bar. Take:

One lacklustre mane.


A relaxing Philip Kingsley scalp treatment.

Four hands, aka the dedicated and very talented Steph and Emily.

A brand new Metropolitan Mum. It’s been a blast!

The Blow Bar, 25 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA

Blow dry: £22, wash & style (short hair) £18, quick fix (no wash) £16


  1. You look gorgeous.

    Nex time you’re in Camden Passage, pop into Equa – ethical clothing boutique owned by someone I know!

  2. simone says

    You look fabulous!!

    Blow-drys have been my happy new discovery this term, the hair salon is my happy place 🙂

  3. Oh I do remember blow-drys from my pre-child time … must get into that habit again. You look fab 🙂 x

  4. I miss Camden! I used to live there! Now all I have to show for it is a black beautiful dog called Camden 🙂 It’s great they opened a Blow bar! I went to the states last summer and they were every where. Now I wish the nail salons would spread in London as well. never looked as good as I did when I was in the states lol.

  5. Wow gorgeous hair – I love the gentle curls, I have to grow mine before I can do that. Having my hair cut is one of my favourite treats – my salon offers you a massage chair and a glass of wine when they do it – bliss! Stacey x

  6. Lovely – there’s nowt like a nice hair sort-out to pick you up.

    I took the leap of trying a new hairdresser out near work last week, after having my hair done in town for years and have been struggling to style my child-like fringe since. Have worked out a technique with the straighteners now which does the treat so all happy again.

    Love your curls – fabulous!

  7. Ohhh not fair – we have nothing like that place out here in the backwaters! You look divine…of course. Lou xx

  8. Gorgeous!
    I’m getting to go to my hairdresser too this Thursday, for the first time in four months!

  9. A humdrum mum says

    Wow you look lovely. I love not blows, but straightens – I’ve booked one Friday before a Christmas party. £7 a pop on wet hai,r magic. -HMx

  10. Oh my gosh, I want to come next time! Almost nothing beats getting your hair done. Love it! I’m glad you had an opportunity to be pampered!!!

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