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About the book III

Just in case you started to wonder: I am still here. I still love my blog and all that (who) comes with it. It’s just that I am so preoccupied (read: obsessed) with the idea of finishing the book that I barely have time for anything else.

Even if my beloved MacBook (thank you for the most awesome Christmas present, Big M) is out of reach, I am scribbling down ideas and notes, eagerly waiting for little L’s bedtime to roll on. A cloud of words hovers constantly and low above my head. Words I like. Words I want to give a little bit of space. Words like these:

vague – dazzling – poignant – palpable – mesmerising – frisson – shimmy – toxic – sickening – demoralising – yuck – fond – WTF – furrowed –  bullocks – kiss – plume – smudge – pucker – …

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dream of getting the book published. And that I didn’t find the whole prospect daunting, to say the least. But most of time, I manage to just enjoy myself and write on. If you’ll excuse me now…


  1. Excellent words. Can’t wait to hear you’ve finished – I’m in awe of anyone with that level of concentration.

  2. Marie says

    Am very impressed to see you’re over half way through! It’s lovely having you here when you have some time but it’ll be even more wonderful to be able to read your book so shall wish you all the best with the words that are swirling round.

  3. cheryl says

    Hiya, I’ve been reading your blog and only yours in fact since end of last year, just stumbled across it and I’m hooked, I love reading and writing too although I don’t get much time for either with a 15month old babyboy. Just wanted to wish you all the best with the book and I look forward to your next blog installment!!! Cheryl

  4. Excuse and apology accepted ! Looking forward to maybe another little snippet soon. Plume and shinny sound good words. Go girl !

  5. Nice words. Like ’em. Very intrigued to know how you know it will be 90,000 words…keep going and we are all looking forward to it.

  6. Keep going. Write those words and then write a few more and you WILL get to the end (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!). Good luck and here’s to ‘The End’. x

  7. What a nice surprise on my b/day. Looking forward to the book arriving. Can you tell me your email address so I can pass on my address – I don’t tweet or FB !!

  8. Isn’t it great when you just want to write, write, write. Enjoy those words. I just discovered writing scripts so I’m now forever eavesdropping and scribbling down why people say, great fun.

  9. Thank you for taking time out to keep your readers updated. That was very considerate and sweet because, yes, we DO wonder about you!
    Hugs and quiches from Kitty x

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