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The first cut is the deepest

Do you see what I see?

Yes, I know, the resemblance is shocking. And it left me no choice…

Needless to say that she didn’t like it much.

It’s been more of a drama than vaccinations.

But it’s been worth it.

All’s well that ends with a balloon.


  1. simone says

    And just what is wrong with Limahl’s hair?! 😉

    Little M looks lovely – as do you, you look fab!!

    Those first haircuts can be quite traumatic. My son went to a salon for his first one – but since then I think I have cut it. And he loves it….still young enough to think that Mummy does a really good job at hairdressing! His is easy actually – and makes up for the fact that to get my daughter’s hair cut costs almost as much as mine, ugh!!


  2. She looks adorable with Limahl hair and after the cut. What I don’t get is who takes these pics…do you have a professional photographer who follows you to record all your magic moments? Do spill the beans

  3. She looks so pretty! I think the hair before was cute too

    We need to meet up- I can’t do this Wednesday because of the usual gig I go to each 2 weeks but I could come next week, or do other days x

  4. A humdrum mum says

    Ahh so cute – why can’t my son wear hair clips? So not fair! -HMx

  5. Big M says

    It is trusty old Big M who does all the following around!
    I am glad you like the pictures though 🙂

  6. Ohhh, she looks adorable! I recall the first haircuts with my two – same expressions. And, yes, a balloon eases all worries. 🙂

  7. It’s true – the first cut IS the worst. When I took my older son for his first cut, he cried and writhed around so much I was amazed the stylist managed to do anything at all! She looks lovely.

  8. She sure did have the 80’s thing going on. The first cut is always the worst. She is darling.

  9. Trust me to get the wrong end of the stick – I thought you meant she looked like a boy and had taken her to get her ears pierced! Gah!

  10. They don’t get any easier for a good while yet but it looks like it was worth it, she looks beautiful!

    B xx

  11. you are a braver lady than me. I haven’t even taken betty (now 4) to the hairdressers, ever. i do it myself, or perhaps this is maybe even braver, or stupider, i am not sure…
    happy new year xxxx

  12. Very cute (and I’m incredibly jealous she has enough hair to cut – we’ve still not been able to get Bigger’s done… sigh)

  13. She looks adorable! I need to do this with my little girl. Her hair is so light it’s like baby chick fuzz. It sticks up everywhere. Funny I was just thinking I should get it cut when I saw your post! Must be a sign 🙂

  14. It could be worse than Limahl. Littleboy 2 looks a bit like Boris Johnson at the moment…(and I’m not a fan of Boris, so that’s not good!)

  15. Happy New Year lady!!! I hope it was really good – I’m excited to be back home and getting back to a schedule…kind of 🙂
    and it’s funny that hair cuts are so traumatic for kids!!! she’s looking beautiful though 🙂

  16. Ahh so cute. I kept my daughters hair in a short bob til she was four as I loved to see her little neck! So french. Now it’s longer. Pop by and see the giveaway week on my blog – you might likey! Lou x

  17. Ah ha, so she was getting a baby mullet (business at the front, party at the back!) I see why you had to go there. She looks adorable either way.

    And you know me, I’m all about the haircut these days. Although I’ve so far refused to tame my little wild boys. But I must admit I choked up the other day when Ezra announced, ‘Mummy, I want to shave all my hair off just like you.’

    Oh, the solidarity!

  18. Good call. Mullets are never good even on adorable children. At least you took her to a hairdresser. My husband attacked our kids with clippers. They looked like escapees from Wormwood Scrubs

  19. Aw loved this.. but then I used to love Limhal (spelling?) from Kajagoogoo! I didn’t take SC for a hair cut until she was three & a half.. so you’re very brave. And I always have to get a balloon after I’ve been to the hairdresser! xxx

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