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Luva Huva – knickers with a conscience

My friend Julia has been visiting me this weekend. We made a trip down memory lane (read: Portobello Road) on Saturday, rummaging through vintage fur coats, floaty dresses and… knickers.

Luva Huva is an ethical lingerie design company – each piece is sourced and handcrafted in the UK, using eco-friendly materials and supporting local business, such as the last UK based elastic manufacturer.

I went for the grey set (£26). Incredibly soft cotton, snug in all the right places and loose where you’d want it to be. Exactly the kind of sexy-cute I can pull off without feeling ridiculous.

I mean, come on, let’s be honest here, I have a small child, I am tired, it’s minus 10 degrees out there and I am not kidding myself into feeling great in an Agent Provocateur waspie that comes with stockings and nipple tassels. Still, I don’t want to wear leggings and T-shirts in bed. At least not every night.


  1. These look great! Perhaps I should investigate next time I’m back in good old Blighty.

    Also I am a die hard leggings and t-shirt in bed fan. It’s the only thing which keeps my shoulders warm and me happy.

  2. OOH thanks for the tip! I’ll drop some hints to hubby – it’s Valentine’s in a week after all!

  3. those are lovely! and there is someone else on here with my other name which really confused me and probably you!

    I am in need of more reading material please!

  4. Please tell me they do mail order

    I have to find something to replace the PJs and fleeces I’m currently wearing in bed

  5. Very cute! However, I have given up a long time ago on such fancy knickers. They don’t stay on long enough and simple it is just too cold.

  6. Pyjamas. For those nights when I don’t want to wear leggings and a t-shirt.

    But these look lovely too (I’m just a bit old for them, dearie).

  7. Hi MM,,

    Wow really liking the look of these. Loving the fact they cover the belly as still not got rid of all the pregnancy weight! It’s about time I started making an effort again and got rid of the over-sized t-shirt and joggers!

    Emma x

  8. ha ha.. that last comment made me laugh! So true! And those undies are gorgeous – I don’t like overtly sexy (read: tacky) stuff. Yuk xxx

  9. Claire’s is a girlie emporium. You go inside, and there are swathes of pink and purple goodies for little girls, and then acres of ‘rock chick’ stuff for slightly older girls. It’s very intimidating…

    Loved your comment re knickers on my blog.

  10. Lovely! I like myself a good bit of underwear too. No need for flannel every night.

  11. Lovely but I would freeze my cotton socks off! I am the bedsocks (cashmere of course) type.

    Maybe I could get some to go under my apron?

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