On Haribos and Art Prints

Last night at Koko Camden

They had been set up the week before. Her friend had coaxed her into coming out for a meal at a casual, low-key restaurant in Notting Hill with loads of people. Her friend knew she’d never shown up for a double date. And when it turned out to be only the four of them, it was too late to run away. Besides, she was pretty hungry. And that guy was kind of cute.

They talked about everything and nothing. He made her laugh. They shared fries and tomato salad. She skipped down the stairs on the way down to the restrooms. And almost broke an arm, slipping on the smooth concrete steps. The pain made her cry, but she gritted her teeth and popped her swollen elbows into buckets with ice. She couldn’t possibly leave now.

He had to go to Sweden during the week. He only lived in London at weekends. They had a proper date on the following Saturday. A walk in Hyde Park. Cappuccinos and cake at a tiny coffee place on Westbourne Grove. They had been kicked out at 9pm, surprised at how quickly the time had passed.

He gave her a present. Not flowers. Not chocolates. Art prints. How had he known she loved Marilyn Monroe? He just liked the prints because she looked so happy. They reminded him of her.

She would keep the prints. She would keep the remains of the first bag of Haribos they had shared. She would keep that cute guy.

Happy Anniversary, Big M. And thank you, A&K!


  1. That’s so cute! Happy Anniversary

    And I hope Koko was amazing- I want to hear all about it x

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  3. A truly romantic story. A handsome lad and you’re no slouch! Happy Anniversary and many, many more to come.

  4. Happy Anniversary! You two are gorgeous, I don’t think I’ve ever seen big M before, I always knew you were beautiful, but together, perfect. Hope you have a wonderful day full of celebrations and a reminder of the excitement of those first few dates. Xx

  5. So sweet, I love stories like this. It sound like Mr M connected with you from the startr. He would have had me with the haribo! πŸ™‚

  6. That’s so truly romantic!! You look so gorgeous together and something tells me you are in it for a very long time! have a beautiful life together not forgetting the scrumptious little L xxx

  7. Oh a chill has just run down my spine. What a fabulous post and a fabulous story. Happy Anniversary to such a lovely couple. xx

  8. Lovely. Do you still have that Haribo bag? It’s funny the things we treasure and how some people are meant to be. Happy anniversary to you both.

  9. <3
    happy tears πŸ™‚
    I am so glad you found each other. What a timing. Life could have shuffled you to Switzerland.
    Love J.

  10. I love the way you tell the story. What a lovely story it is. Happy anniversary!

  11. That’s adorable! What a lovely start. Something to tell the grandchildren.

    You both look so happy.

  12. This is adorable and amazing and lovely all wrapped up with a bow. I love a good ending to a true love story.

    Congrats to you both and may you have many more happy years together!



  13. Aaaaww that’s so sweet! I thought I was watching a romantic movie. It’s the perfect Valentine’s day story. You look lovely by the way.

  14. What a great post! You capture the moment so perfectly. Brought tears to my eyes. xx

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