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…and after

Just because you were asking:

Enjoy the first days of Spring. Finally!

PS: The problem with doing your hair is that I now feel like I should wear makeup. Duh. That was not the plan!


  1. Hang on, I don’t recognise you without your head thrown back in laughter . . .

  2. @Tara: You know, it’s so hard to see with your head tilted back all the time…

  3. Fab – and now I am V grateful that I am not live vlogging at this particular moment (rushes off to put brush through badly neglected hair)!!!

  4. Hi there, nice to meet you. Jody here, a Kiwi living in Oakland. (Lived in London for 15 years…) really love your blog and your categories. I have a “nonsense: one as well Great photo of you, really natural you have great skin – see the benefit of living in England – and your hair looks so swingy. I only wear make-up at night, so lazy, and I feel really sorry for anyone who sees me day-time.

  5. The hair looks fab. I admit I still use hot rollers now and then. I’ve gotten used to a bit of a pared down beauty routine so I’m not as frazzled in the mornings anymore.

  6. Oh wow! Never tried rollers and I dont think tye would work on my asian hair. Great look MM! Keep up the grooming, it suits you:) great to see you and Little L last Sunday x LZ

  7. looks great but wouldn’t you get the same result with hot tongs and that is less hassle

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