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Let’s talk about sex

Come to Mama!

The very lovely Liz Fraser (I have read all her books and met her in the flash more than once, she really is lovely) has recently written an article about how her sex life has deteriorated with 13 years of motherhood, three kids, work and an ever so increasing pile of laundry. Whilst I do empathise with Liz, I strongly disagree with her statement Sex? Most women would rather have a good sleep.

As we are talking about activities that (usually) happen behind closed doors, it is quite difficult to get a feeling for the average mother’s views on this delicate topic. Is Liz really right? Do mothers favour a good cuddle over a quickie at naptime? Am I alone in wanting a good sex life?

Usually, I would put my views into writing and upload them on this very blog. This time however, I am going to take emotional striptease to a whole new level: I will join a discussion on a national TV show.

Please, pretty please, back me up (read: comment) with some very good arguments why kids do not necessarily mean saying farewell to getting steamy in between the sheets.

The Vanessa Show will air next Wednesday, 23rd of March, 2:15pm, Channel 5.

PS: I know, what was I thinking?!


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