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Roll up!

Ever wondered what happened to heated rollers? Wonder no more…

I have sent Big M on a trip to self-discovery, a bit of grounding and a lot of yoga in Thailand (I know, what was I thinking), the babysitter has taken time off and is in Sweden and I… well, you have to keep yourself busy, no? Have a lovely weekend, you all! Mine will be full of luscious locks. Or so she hoped.


  1. simone says

    Nice work!!! Did you do all that by yourself?

    Have a lovely week-end, nice to see some sunshine today wasn’t it?! xx

  2. Ooh now that is proper girl’s night in stuff. Remember the bendy curler ones of the 80s, loved those! But loved the proper old fashioned heated curlers with pins my mum had so much more.
    Do we get to see an after shot? Have fun, on my own too this week, my project is hair dye…

  3. Oh how nice of you to send husband to Thailand! And good luck with the rollers. I still need to call my mum when I want to put them in. I can never get the back of my head quite right!

  4. Sorry but I have to say this “ha ha ha!!” how do you still look glamourous with rollers on your hair, is it what they call natural beauty then? 🙂

  5. I’m on the fence here. While I admire your retro sexiness I also wouldn’t want to be doing something that Jordan’s doing. Know ta mean?

  6. You look lovely even in rollers! Congratulations on The Times article. Were you getting ready for your photoshoot?

  7. Actually I need some of those heated rollers in my life. Much easier at making curls than GHD’s which are getting on my nerves.

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