What it’s like to be on TV

So there I was last Tuesday at Princess Studios, home of the Vanessa Show, slightly nervous and majorly intimidated by the humming business around me. All of a sudden, my recent courage (‘yes of course I’ll speak about sex on TV, why not?’) had made for the back door, abandoning me to sweat alone in the spotlight. Well, not alone really, but next to Liz Fraser.

Let me tell you something about Liz – not only is she a total pro (she does the whole TV thing like she’s never done anything else), she also is able to speak without stopping to breathe. Which isn’t very helpful if you are her counterpart in a discussion, trying to bring a different point across. All in all I was quite happy with my performance, and Liz and I are still able to see eye to eye, despite our dissimilar take on the importance of sex in a relationship. I’d call that a success.

There are a few things I have learned during my fifteen minutes on TV:

Meet the make-up fairy

  1. If someone offers you to top up your makeup, say yes! The camera sucks all the colour out of your cheeks, leaving you looking like you haven’t slept in weeks
  2. TV people are much warmer and more welcoming than I had imagined. A special thanks to the producer Christina for making me feel at ease, to the make-up fairy Liz for blushing my nervousness away and of course to Vanessa for pulling me along in the conversation
  3. The camera adding ten pounds is a myth. I look not a single gram lighter than I do on TV
  4. If everybody around you nods enthusiastically and slightly exaggerated into the lens, do the same! Or you’ll later find yourself looking stiff next to a bunch of people that look perfectly normal on screen

Liz doing Liz. Not that there had been much to do anyway

If you’ve missed it, you can watch the show here.


  1. OMG!! you’ve been on TV – bloody hell you’re brave… and may I say looking gorgeous in that photo at the top!! Am off to watch this NOW! xxx

  2. ! It’s not available in my country, I totally want to see this. That is so cool lady!!!!
    P.S. Sorry this is an answer from a few days ago, haha – I didn’t make it to the chocolate place that you asked about in Lausanne. But I lOVED lausanne and will be going back!

  3. Well well Lady… you did SO good on there! Just watched it – you came across so well up against some very powerful personalities. And did I spy Louboutins under the table??? Will guarantee sex twice a week!! xx

  4. I saw you and thought you were fabulous, and thought you were quite brave to talk about your ‘scheduling’ system. A very interesting approach but one that obviously works for you and your husband.

  5. Stinks we can’t see it in the US. some of the comments have my curiosity up.My wife and I have always felt the physical side of marriage is important, Now though after a day with the grandsons sleep is nice too! You do look marvelous in the photo.

  6. I watched it on Weds and thought you were fab – v v brave to go on that show! I am a little bit in awe of you and couldn’t stop staring at your gooooorrgeous hair!

  7. You look amazing and I think it was a great show, with some great people on it. each to their own and it is great that was what came out of it! Also I think it really depends where you are in your life with your partner

  8. Aaaargh, it’s not available here. I do think you’re very brave, and judging from the comments, you did yourself proud.

    What’s the scheduling system? Just curious.

  9. You did so well! You seemed so calm. I love your outfit too, super chic

  10. Hello! Wow – loved it! Not just that it was you and I feel like a kinda ‘know’ you but also loved the message. Completely agree – gotta stay on track! You looked very chic and comfortable. Well done MM! Lou x

  11. You looked amazing and did a really good job 🙂 I would be soooo nervous going on tv. Well done!

  12. You did fab on the show, particularly considering you are not a seasoned professional! I really enjoyed it and thought you and Liz both made good points.

  13. Oh no I can’t watch it – it’s not available in Canada! But, I’m sure you were very professional and utterly glamorous. Well done!

  14. You look beautiful! Love your account of your TV experience and I’ll be there is more in your future, can’t see the vid from here in the US but I’ll bet you are a natural. You go!

  15. That is so exciting!! I miss you too, I must admit!! Life has been rather busy lately. I hope you can post the clip one day!

  16. Aw I wish I could watch your video but you look gorgeous as usual and so brave. I can’t even speak in front of 10 people. I need to learn a trick or two from you 🙂

  17. simone says

    You were fabulous, was very proud of you!!

    Very VERY brave – and you sounded very eloquent too.


    And you looked beautiful too!! xx

  18. What a shame I can’t watch it either. Sounds like you were a great success.

  19. You are amazing and brave and beautiful!!! I am so glad it was a success, and what fun!!!

    On a side note, I have a friend who recently relocated to London and doesn’t know a soul. Do you mind me forwarding her your email address?

    She worked at Anthropologie with me and is a great person. 🙂



  20. The Chinese aren’t letting it through!!! There must be another way…. I’ll throw all my toys out of my cot if I don’t see it noooooowwwwwwww

  21. Aww, you look lovely on the photos, would love to watch the video, but it says “private” :((((

  22. Deborah!!!
    You were bloody fantastic, and nobody would EVER know that you don’t do this every day. Very relaxed (even if you didn’t feel it) and very eloquent and coherent.
    Which is exactly what they want! So not at all nervous or awkward or whatever. Just fine.
    And I am SO sorry if you feel I was talking too much! Basically I’ve done this kind of thing SO many times, and when I started out I was always being talked all over, and would go home and think ‘Hmmm, well I had all those things to say, and I didn’t say any of them!’
    So over the years and years I’ve learned to talk, and keep talking until I’ve made my point. The producers love this anyway, as it makes their job easier because the presenter doesn’t have to do much work asking questions, steering etc, and they LOVE a chatty guest.
    Next time I’ll shut up more, but really, I do think you came across very well and you did say plenty. I probably just FELT like you didn’t say much, to you. That’s always the way with TV, incidentally what YOU feel is not at all what others perceive.
    So that’s my Top TV Tip!
    See you soon.

  23. Stoopidly late getting here, but I have a good excuse – we’ve moved house. Anyway I finally watched you on TV and you were fabulous! x

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