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The art of idling

There’s doing nothing (i.e. killing time with bad TV, putting on a wash, submitting a Tesco online order) and there’s doing nothing (i.e. having a cup of tea, putting your feet up, reading a book). For the latter, there’s the Idler Academy. Nestled into a quiet side bend at the east end of Westbourne Park Road, the Idler Academy offers gentle distraction and philosophical diversion.

A cup of freshly brewed Monmouth coffee, a slice of homemade cake and an eclectic collection of books to choose from, the Idler Academy is Coffeehouse, Bookshop and School at once.

Attend evening classes such as The Decline of Grammatical Standards or Anarchist Question Time or just sit back and eavesdrop whilst others discus if (and if yes how) Barack Obama ruins the American economy.

For a whiff of Berlin’s Bohemia in the middle of London: The Idler Academy, 81 Westbourne Park Road, London W2 5QH


  1. Oh, I wish I could visit such a place! And what a great name – love it! I would certainly like to hear that discussion about Obama. 😉

  2. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and there is nothing more I’d like than to while away the afternoon here! It would make a calm change from the baby cafe that I more regularly frequent. Please convince them to open a branch in SE London!

  3. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to move back to London. Or, okay – maybe not London, but another big city. We just don’t have this kind of thing in Calgary. It looks heavenly!

  4. OMG that looks like it could be my spiritual home. I could write a book about idling, you know, if I could be ars*d

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  6. How utterly fabulous, right up my street. Literally we used to live right round the corner and I am the best idler (some not so kind would call it lazy) in the universe. I always have to have a nap around 1pm and really can’t do too much in a day. I wonder what that store used to be called eight years ago. Now I’m getting a bit obsessed.

  7. Ah I’d heard about this a little while ago and made a mental note to check it out, but of course being too much of an idle brain to actually remember and jot it down. So thanks very much for the reminder, will be sure to head there soon x

  8. melissa says

    Just found your blog via Gurgle’s list of top 20 mum’s blogs on the net. Never come across this lovely spot, though I’m only a few blocks away. I’m thrilled to know there is a cup of Monmouth coffee within walking distance. Can’t wait to check it out.

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