Tidy up, tidy up

I’ve lost it. Seriously, I have lost my RSS feeds. There’s been a long list of coveted blogs I collected and started to follow over the years, and it’s all gone. Together with bookmarks and all internet history. I have moved from old computer to new computer over the weekend (and because I have been in a rare spring-y cleansing mood, I have decided to move blog themes, too, only to add to the chaos) and somehow, my inbox doesn’t look like it did before.

So please be patient with me if I don’t pop up at yours as regularly as I used to. I have a lot of tidying up to do…


  1. i have just remembered all your illustrations you used to do – would love to see some more – loved them!

  2. Sorry to hear about your RSS loss! Love your new blog banner by the way – very nice!

  3. I am still trying to brace myself for migrating my blog to my own site! Thus far I haven’t been able to bear the admin hassle.

  4. Oh no! I hate losing fave blogs. I actually on purpose deleted most rss feeds I was following. There were way too many. I like your facelift, darling! You must have had work done!

  5. Oh no! That would take a while to gather together. No doubt you’ll find a whole heap of new blogs in your search for your old faves though. xx

  6. Love the new look! The pictures are a wonderful reminder of London. Hope you can get back what you lost!

  7. Love the new header!!! Really encompasses everything about your lovely blog. See you on Saturday! Got your adorable card!!! x LZ

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