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Colour me beautiful – Paul & Joe purple smoky eye

Take: one tired mummy

I love how, when I flip through the beauty section of a magazine, little L points at the models and shouts ecstatically ‘Mummy! Mateup! Issis mummy mateup!’ (read: ‘It’s mummy. It’s makeup. It’s mummy with makeup!’) However much I might be flattered though, the truth is an entirely different story.

Trying to copy the ‘purple smoky eye’ (as seen during the SS11 shows at Marc Jacobs, Etro and Paul & Joe), I ended up looking rather Beaten Up Showgirl than Catwalk Queen. Purple isn’t only the colour of royalty, magic and mystery, it is also the colour of bumps and bruises. Dangerous.

So I asked the pros at Paul & Joe (at Fenwick Bond Street) to help me out and work their magic on me. And magic they did.

A blank canvas

At first, the lovely Keiko dipped her brushes deep into the foundation pots to even out my skin tone. Her top tip to avoid concealer making the under eye area look dry and creasy: hydrate well with an eye cream. To make eyeshadow last longer, use an eye makeup primer.

Once you have got the foundation right, don’t ruin it applying your eye shadow. Be extra careful when using darker colours. Placing a tissue underneath your eye should do the trick.

Now, for the smoky eye: choose one dark shade of purple and apply it evenly onto your eyelid, with emphasis on the part closest to the lash line, gradually blending out towards the crease of your eye. Also apply a thin line underneath your lower lash line. You only need one shade, as long as you alter the intensity of it. I find blending easiest using a brush, fingers come second and I am absolutely lost with applicators.

Next, dab golden or bronze pigments or pigment rich eye shadow in the crease of your eyes and…

…in the inner corner of your eyes. Also, apply a coat of mascara and show your eyebrows a little TLC. If you, like me, have light and rather sparse eyebrows, colour in with a pencil that is close to your own eyebrow colour (mouse brown it is then!), starting at the highest point of your eyebrow arch, working outwards first.

Finish off with a dash of lipstick and a bit of blusher, venture outside (and away from the yellow lightening) and have your photo taken on the street:

Et voila: mummy mateup!

Try this at home: Paul and Joe protective fluid foundation with SPF 15eye colour primer, lipstick in Mademoiselle, eyebrow powder and brush. Available at Fenwick on Bond Street.

Thank you, Keiko and Catelyn for having me.


  1. Well, you look goyjus! I won’t be rushing out to repeat the experience, however, not being blonde and 10 years younger and all…

  2. Alice says

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love purple eye makeup!

  3. You look gorgeous!
    Love the purple although I tend to stick to greys myself, it just may be time for a change xx

  4. That looks fantastic you really suit it. I on the other hand have auburn hair and pale freckly skin……..not sure would it would be as great on me. I always struggle to get it just as the professionals do anyway!!

  5. You look fantastic! I have tried a couple of times to do this look, but always walk away looking like I have a hangover. I guess I need to keep trying because I really like these colors.

  6. Lovely result, true. But you were lovely to start with, so, just gilding the lily, I’d say!

    Hugs and quiches from Kitty xx

  7. I don’t know how I haven’t visited your blog since it’s beautiful makeover!! I love it! I like the makeup too – although you won’t find me wearing purple in a hurry.
    By the way, your post on the book shop has me wanting to come back to London!

  8. Looks great. Wish I could be more daring with eye make-up. Might have to follow these steps when I have a quiet moment, and don’t have to dash out the door for the school pick-up with one eye done and the other not!

  9. Wow, that is an incredible looks (mind you I actually thought you looked amazing before). It’s incredible how fresh and natural you look which is the main aim I guess. Kate looked incredible but wore too much mascara on the day. I just love the amount of eye make-up you have. Perfect

  10. You look so gorgeous with or without makeup but I love this look. I am a makeup challenged. I don’t even know how to apply mascara. Thanks for the tutorial and the lovely comment.

    Stay beautiful,
    Cat (^_^)

  11. Off to try this at home – my last attempt with purple eyeshadow had me looking even more tired than usual so this will hopefully help!

  12. simone says

    You look fabulous, love it!! Of course, it does help when you have a “blank canvas” as beautiful as yours 🙂

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine 🙂 xx

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