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Fancy a snog?

I like mine small and cool, velvety soft like chocolate and refreshingly zesty like passionfruit. I like mine to tickle my senses, to make me lick my lips and crave for more, more, more.

I like my snogs late at night in Covent Garden.

Snog Covent Garden, 5 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9AR


  1. Big M says

    Ohh that is how? Passionfruit, why did I not think of that! Pressure is on….

  2. ooh yes looks fabulous ….. wonder what I have to get a snog in the USA?

  3. Never heard of this creamy confection but will head to Convent Garden toot sweet ( or whenever I get to London). What a shame I didn’t know about this, was just there…

  4. When I saw this post title I had a feeling you were on about these! There was a snog shop in South Ken near where I used to work – a forever tempting lunch-time treat that I too often indulged in!

  5. OMGOSH…….. its nearly 3am. But suddenly i feel like getting over to macdonalds to get ice cream.

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