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I write like Ernest Hemingway

I write like Ernest Hemingway. Says website I write. Their innovative and technologically advanced analysis tool evaluates your writing style and gives a pretty *coughs*  accurate account of which famous writer you are comparable to.

Ernest and me. Like two peas in a pod. Apart from my liking for rum cola, I am having a hard time figuring out where the similarities lie. Oh, wait. I have been to Key West twice!

I am considering using this insight when addressing potential agents. ‘Dear agent, I write like Ernest Hemingway!’ A sure winner.

Who do you write like? Give it a go and let me know below.

Thanks for finding this in the first place, Allison.


  1. I analysed two bit of writing just to be tricky….and I got…Stephen King (what?!) and Cory Doctorow (I had to look him up…) Science fiction was a common theme – maybe there are some latent themes within my writing I am unaware of?! But if I could sell books like Stephen I would not complain!

  2. So, of course I nipped over immediately to see who I write like. And it said ‘Cory Doctorow’, who I have never heard of which is probably fitting.

    But I thought, that can’t be right (write?), so I said “I’ll show this piece of analyzing garbage something” and five times I uploaded a different post and, guess what, I really do write like Cory Doctorow. x

  3. Well it seems I write like JD Salinger, (who wrote Catcher in the Rye from a 16yo perspective). So, I checked again and I also write like Stephen King!

    So god knows!


  4. I’m like Cory Doctorow too! I spot a theme… (and I’d never heard of him either).

  5. By the way, you recently asked a question about rates bloggers charge for sponsored posts, etc. I was thinking I’d like to see everyone’s replies, but I can’t remember where you posted the post. Was it BMB somewhere?

  6. Haha that’s so cool! he’s one of my favourite writers. I took a class entirely on his novels in college. This is good omen for hoe much I’ll like your writing! x LZ

  7. OOh, I’m heading over there. My one big ambition was to write as well as Jilly Cooper and still have not come any where near the fabulousness of her high jinks and horses style. I can but dream though..

  8. OK. I conducted a scientific experiment for you.
    I tried twice with blog entries, and got Cory Doctorow. I then experimented with two other pieces of ‘creative’ writing hidden on my computer (!) and got, 1st, Stephen King and 2nd, HP Lovecraft, who I’ve never heard of but Google says is a writer of weird science fiction.
    My conclusion is that anyone who writes in a blog-like style gets Doctorow. Who, in fact, surprise surprise, blogs at
    Not particularly impressed by this website, I have to say…..

  9. Not to shabby. I wish I could write like period. My writting is too factual. I wish I could be more creative.

  10. OK I’m going to give this a shot and if it’s Barbara Cartland my day will end badly. My boys were at the same school as Potty’s if you know what I mean ?! Hemingway, it could be a lot worse, fun though xx

  11. I got Anne Rice, then I got Stephen King then I got Cory whatshisname. Not convinced that it’s that accurate somehow

  12. I got HP Lovecraft! Cool! This has made my day. I had no idea my little monsters were so similar to Cthulu.

    Thanks for pointing out this website – what a brilliant idea 🙂

  13. Hmm, like some of the others, after experienting with a few of my blog entries, my results yielded Doctorow and Lovecraft, yet Science Fiction is my least favorite genre. Perhaps it has more to do with my sentence structure and punctuation. Although, I was happy to see that a David Foster Wallace popped up on one of my entries. Very cool. 🙂

  14. I was sure that my badge was going to say that I write like a 3rd grader, but got Dan Brown?!? I’d like to see their algorithm… I bet it’s actually all randomly generated 🙁

  15. Daniela says

    Hm. Seems I am the only one who got someone whose mother tongue is not English: Leo Tolstoi.
    Is it due to my grammatical errors or just the fact that I don’t get to the point?!

  16. I sampled chapters from the beginning of my book and towards the end. I sampled different segments throughout. Every bloody time I got Margaret Mitchell (Gone With The Wind)!

  17. Oh my goodness, I’ve just gone on Amazon and had a preview read of some of Gone With The Wind and yes the language in my book is very similar. My subject matter is completely different but I am in shock!

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