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Frostier than frozen yogurt: literary agents

It’s bloody hard. There is no other way to put it, looking for an agent/publisher is one of the most painful and frustrating things I have put myself through so far. Because writing the novel has been fairly easy, I naively thought that getting it published would be too. HA!

The publishing industry is in big trouble and the future looks even bleaker than the current scenario. Still, mainstream agents (the ones that work with the big publishing houses) receive about 300 submissions a week. Even if I were to write like Ernest Hemingway, the chances of finding an agent and getting a book deal are infinitesimal.

Sometimes it’s hard not to chuck it all into a drawer, slam the thing shut and give up. Of course, I won’t. Not yet. I decided to dedicate Friday mornings only to finding an agent. I know that this means it will roughly take until the end of the year to get through my list, but it also means that the frustration will only hit me in small doses, leaving time and energy to focus on ideas that are easier achievable.

Like coming up with something exciting for the blog this December:

Yip, your eyes will sparkle like little L’s underneath The White Company’s Christmas tree

Or dancing to Jingle Bells in July:


  1. good luck darling! that christmas photo has made me feel all yuletide. I wonder if it is too early to start knitting a christmas stocking?

  2. Kelleyn says

    Keep trying. Stephanie Meyer was rejected by just about everyone before she found an agent willing to take her book. Your little one is so darling.

  3. That picture by the tree is absolutely adorable! Maybe she could model for The White Company and make you some dosh!

    Yes, it’s a very hard, long, drawn out process. Going through the same myself. x

  4. Aww. Keep going. Don’t give up. Really hope you’re successful.

    As an aside, your daughter is beautiful and looks very like you in the top picture.

  5. What a beautiful little girl! I think you are a hero for finishing the book (something I’ve never managed to pull off). Best of luck – hope it gets easier and you get a piece of good luck.

  6. I so sympathise, it’s a really tough ride, but you’ll get there xx your little one is more adorable every time I see her

  7. Good luck!

    Your little girl is beautiful. We should really try to make our meet-up happen sometime!

  8. Your daughter is adorable – what a sweet girl! Keep pushing ahead with your dream – you’ve come this far and here’s hoping that you and the right publisher will find each other. So many people can’t even find the words and patience to write a book, so the fact that you have has placed you far ahead of the rest of us. Good luck!

  9. Just keep trying and one day, you never know. At least you’ve made the effort to actually finish the book – you’re half way there. Good luck!

  10. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. I cannot wait to have your book delivered!

  11. everyone I speak to about this says it’s very hard and I think it’s also because it’s personal, rather than business, you’re great and I think setting aside some time each week is a very good idea.

    looking forward to seeing you! x

  12. Good on you for perservering. I wonder how they decide which scripts to read!!!! That’s frightening! And yet its so easy to have a romance novel published! (my friend writes them, though they have to be racy nowadays. Im sure yours is much more esoteric. Would love to hear what your books about. is it family? You’d think after huge success of ” I don’t know how she does it” they may be looking for something similar….

  13. Hang in there. You will get a publisher. You are a very good writer, with insight and a way to make you feel “there”. xx

  14. Bravo ! We have Halloween parties throughout the year so this makes perfect sense. I’m in the editing process now, it’s ludicrously tough finding an agent but you will. Email me and I can suggest a great one to try. x

  15. Good luck with finding an agent. If you struggle, how about putting the first chapter on here and seeing if that stirs up some interest!

  16. Hello! You little girl is so lovely! You know, I understand how you feel when it comes to looking for an agent or publisher. I sent my book out to loads of places only to find rejection after rejection. Eventually, I got a yes from a small publishing house I decided to publish in collaboration with them instead of going for an exclusive publishing deal. It does take an awful lot of time and you have to self belief and very very thick skin! You will get there just keep the faith! xxx

  17. Congratulations on finishing your novel! I have not even started mine, I keep re-writing the first page over and over again. Now that I’ve finished my phd I’m hoping to make the most of my extra spare time and get writing, so it is very inspiring to see someone else has already finished theirs!

    Good luck with the hunt for an agent and publisher!

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  19. It is so hard to keep going with writing a book, but don’t give up. The good thing these days is that there are other ways of getting your book published, rather than going through the conventional methods. You will get there I’m sure!

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