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Breaking up for summer

All I need this summer

The past few weeks have been oddly exhausting. Not because of what has happened; rather because of what could have happened.

It’s all good news (or potentially none at all), but still, being kept in limbo for weeks, depending on a multitude of other people to make it happen (or not) has been wearing me thin. Add to this the exhaustion that comes with living in London in general, and you get one very tired 35-year-old.

I am craving long, lazy days at the beach, the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. I want to go where the sun always shines, where peaches taste like peaches should and where the most important question of the day will be whether we’ll have lamb or sea bass for dinner.

I am taking a break. From London, from my daily grind and from this blog. (Unfortunately I am also taking a break from my husband, who’ll be going back and forth during the coming weeks.)

Let’s hope there’ll be some good news once I am back. Until then: take care and see you at La Rentrée in September!


  1. Hello sweet, you sound down hearted…I am sure a break will help. I too needed some time away, felt a little weary of the day to day. The sun however has not made an appearance yet so I am still hanging on for that! Take care and regroup… Lou x

  2. Sorry not to see you before you went but I hope you have a really wonderful time- message me! and enjoy all those lovely books x

  3. I have just read the Caitlin Moran book… it’s brilliant.

    Hope you have a wonderful R+R time, see you back in the autumn! xx

  4. I am looking at your suitcase full of books and I am so glad I got myself a kindle! It means I can fit more clothes than books! And I need both!

  5. cheryl says

    Have a wonderful time! I look forward to browsing your blog inbetween work and looking after my 21month old son, so fingers crossed you will come back. Take care. Cheryl

  6. Have a fabulous time and love that you are packing so many books. It Will happen for you! (soon we’re reading yours!)

  7. I know you will have a splendid time on your rejuvenating break but please don’t forget to come back to us! We will miss you far too much as it is but we will be able to bear it as long as we know we will have you back soon!
    Take care dear heart!

  8. Have a wonderful break! Good luck with the book getting published. I am saying au revoir to blogging too x

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