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All going south

It’s done. We have sold our house! I didn’t tell a soul, mainly because I didn’t want to jinx it, but after accepting an offer a few weeks ago, we have exchanged whilst on vacation and will complete four days after our return. No, I am not panicking. (Christ, where’s Whisky when you need it?) The husband has terminated his part of the holiday prematurely, in order to clear out the loft, take apart tables and sofas and to create a general sense of ‘being-there-ness’. All the while I am soaking up the last bits of sun, trying to keep little L from drowning herself in the waves and scribbling down lists for things to go into storage.

We will be moving from a 3-bedroom house into a rented 2-bedroom cottage – there’s no way I would have committed to paying rent for anything bigger than that. You might as well pile up a stack of cash in the patio and set fire to it. Within the next year, I hope to have found a new place to buy, do it up and call it home.

Where? Well, … I know, I have been talking about the countryside, more space and greener grass a while ago. But since we started thinking about moving, we realised how happy we are in London. We just haven’t been overly happy in Islington. So London it still is. South Kensington, to be precise.

It’s going to be an interesting social experiment, going from being one of the few people with clean hair and a full set of teeth in her mouth in my local Sainsbury’s to living amongst the trimmed-and-groomed-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives posse. I wouldn’t be surprised to be addressed as the maid or the nanny. Coming to think of it – that’s happened before. Twice.

I am not scared. I am adaptable and if needs be, I can do Eurotrash very well, vielen Dank, merci beaucoup, mille grazie, darling! The only thing I am scared of lies in the faint possibility of finding out that South Ken isn’t our hood either. And then it all starts all over again…


  1. Good for you babe. We moved from the City (not London, we are in Scotland), to the country, back in June, and I HATE it. Thank goodness we are only renting, because even though its going to be a nightmare we are house-hunting to move back.
    Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly for you.

  2. Margarita says

    Wonderful news!! I am happy that the sale went well for you. I would love to see pictures of your rental cottage once you’re somewhat settled! How long are you expecting to rent for?

  3. So glad your house sale went well. So is South Kensington posh then? What was the reason you decided on that part of London (I don’t know London very well)?

  4. South Ken is sooo lovely! Very jealous! Good luck with everything! Emma 🙂

  5. Oooh lovely – South Ken is a great area. We used to live down the Old Brompton Road and I loved walking around there – such a nice place to live

  6. congrats! I work in South Ken. It is very lovely, though I agree you need to be groomed when popping out to buy the paper or a pint of milk but am sure you will have fun so much on your doorstep there.

  7. Hannah says

    So looking forward to visiting you all, whereever your rental flat will be!! Did you already check your calendar? Xoxo, I’m missing all of you…

  8. Fabulous news! And if you think Kensington is not your hood you can always try Epsom very green and countryside! 😉

  9. Cripes! Congratulations!! I look forward to more adventures in decorating, Deb-style x

  10. Hurrah! Congratulations! I think my spiritual home in London would be sandwiched between Harvey Nicks and Harrods but my credit card would be maxed out within days. Good luck in your search for the right home.

  11. A cottage in South Ken? Well done. I’m sure you’ll love it and you’ll definitely show them posh birds how to look stylish when doing the shopping. You could probably wear a bin liner and make it look good!

  12. Sounds lovely! A cottage in South Ken – must be a mews house surely ;-)?

    PS I thought from the blog title you were going south of the river for a moment – joining Nappy Valley!

  13. Thats wonderful news! How exciting, the start of a whole new era and it really is lovely around there X

  14. Congrats! I worked for several years in South Ken and loved walking around the area, exploring…and you will find more green there than in many parts of London. May it prove the door to finding your new pad and project!

  15. Congratulations!

    I think South Kensington is just lovely and hope that your new home will bring every contentment.

    We’re in Pimlico and, even here, the need to be – at least, slightly – groomed seems pervasive as you never know which politico may cross your path when popping out for a pint of milk or copy of Vogue.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday,

    Sarah x

  16. Congrats! I hope you find what you’re looking for. Potty Mummy knows that area, if you need any advice on anything.

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