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Dongling along

Lots of beach. Little of Internet.

I am still here, down in France, trying to get a dubious little USB stick (how can anything that goes by the name dongle be taken seriously, let alone WORK?!) to provide me with Internet. HAHA. I have been sold the wrong thing for my Mac, having been ill informed by a shop assistant who then refused to take it back. Orange France, I detest you and your frustrated, uptight, women-hating, short man (namely the manager of the Orange shop next to the Géant supermarket in Gassin) whose only power it is and ever will be to talk down to customers. Although, strictly speaking, he didn’t really talk down to me, being so short and all.*

After a lot of fumbling and fiddling, I finally do have access to le net – about twice a day, if I am lucky; for about five minutes each, if I am very lucky. The connection is so slow and unstable that I don’t dare to visit blogs. The sheer size of images would send the wonky piece of plastic into overdrive, forcing me to ‘redial’ even more often than it does now.

The other day, the whole region was without Internet, ‘because of the rain’. BECAUSE OF THE RAIN?? Is Internet in France not waterproof?

Someone told me that the fastest Internet connection in France was four times slower than the average Internet connection in Stockholm. Like that, trying to convince Big M (who is not only Swedish but also an Internet start-up guy) to spend more time down here has become close to impossible. Le Sigh!

I am so ready to go home now. Have a lovely weekend!

*Looking back, I shouldn’t have made the effort to speak French. When Big M went the next day to try his luck, Monsieur le Grumpy Dwarf turned out to be unable to speak a single word of English and had to hand it over to a colleague, who was perfectly nice and even able to help.


  1. I totally get it! Not that one can’t live without internet, it is a nice thing to have. When we lived in Switzerland, the apartment owner promised us internet. However, it hardly ever worked. I would have to constantly dial back in. He would come over and pretend to fix it, but in the end it still didn’t work. It drove me crazy; especially, because we were paying a fortune for our apartment and to have internet access.

  2. Imagine if they used the rain excuse in England – we would never have Internet! I feel cut off when I can’t go online but on the flip side, it is one last distraction from your holiday, enjoy that lovely beach while you have it!

  3. I love the thought of internet in France not being waterproof. Seriously though, I’ve had masses of problems with Orange and other internet companies in France. “Customer Service” is a joke word here, it has no meaning. I hope the internet connexion didn’t spoil your holiday.

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