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About last weekend

According to Big M, Goodwood Revival with all its shiny vintage cars, brass bands and folks in period attire is the best event of the year.

For four years in a row now we have been making our way down to Chichester, putting on a bit of classic attire ourselves (to be fair, Big M takes the dressing up much more seriously than I do), dipping strawberries into cream and admiring automobiles that have been lovingly restored to their former glory.

Apart from chic and glorious and beautiful, Goodwood Revival might be best described as terribly civilised. It’s the kind of festival that deserves to call their loos powder rooms; that serves Champagne complete with ice buckets and flutes and that makes you want to bring your parents in law.

This time we treated Big M to weekend tickets and booked us in at a family friendly hotel nearby. I am feeling a bit feeble admitting it, but we kind of liked our stay at Butlins.

Kid in a cup

I have never been a fan of organised holiday entertainment, and had you presented me with the idea of Butlins pre child, I think I would have shrieked in sheer horror, spilling my Veuve Cliquot on my Louboutins.

Happy as the sun

A fun fair in the backyard of the hotel, Bob The Builder as VIP dinner guest and free carrousel rides are not necessarily my idea of a successful vacation. However, little L couldn’t have been happier, which made me happy in return.

I swapped the Louboutins for the Wellies and just went with it. What can I say – I am a changed person. Also, as the rooms are spacious, the beds comfortable and the room service and restaurant prices very reasonable, we might be doing it all again next year.

Hats off to my (so far childless) brother and his fiancé who met us at Butlins and endured the noisy spectacle with the utmost countenance. We love you guys!

For even more Goodwood Revival pictures, click here.


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