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House hunting horrors Vol. I

It was only meant as a joke on twitter last night, but due to surprisingly popular demand, I am from now on going to share the most ridiculous  properties on the London market with you. Be it for their decor, the general state they are in (damp, mice and bugs included) or the overpowering bullshit in the respective agent’s ad.

Here goes #1, the one with the rather spiritual dining room. I wonder what’s for tea… Hosts and wine anybody?


  1. This is horrifying and awesome and hilarious!
    A friend of mine was house hunting in New Jersey once, and he found something that looked exactly like a haunted house. I mean EXACTLY. It was freaking creepy.

  2. My friend lived in an old converted church up in North London but it had soaring ceilings and beautiful windows. This is just depressing!

  3. May god be with you.

    As one of the people who urged you to share your house horrors, I am looking forward to volumes 2-100

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