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House hunting horrors Vol. II

Estate agent: The property is in very good nick. Ready to move in!

Me: Obviously, you’d want to update that bathroom.

Estate agent: Well, … that’s all down to personal style, isn’t it?

Me: Harrumph.


  1. Oh wow.

    My deepest sympathies – every time I have to hunt for habitable housing in London I nearly lose my mind…and several estate agents nearly lose their lives. Such a needle in mouse-infested haystack chore – good luck!

  2. LMAO there is vintage chic, and then there is ^^^^ that haha. Actually a lot of our house smacks of bad taste, its going to take us ages to get it all done, I only just noticed the kitchen roof has embossed paper on the roof the other day, I have been here 3 weeks lol.

  3. Kelleyn says

    I lived with a family in college who had that print for sheets. So early 90’s!

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