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House hunting horrors Vol. III

I can’t quite decide which caption to deem appropriate for this illustrious image of a sitting room. ‘When in Venice…’? Or what about an Alice quote: ‘Curiouser and curiouser.’

Taste, in this case, is definitely a matter of opinion.


  1. Good Lord, are you looking at ancestral country piles?? I have never seen anything like this in real life in my entire life! Hope the searching bears fruit soon xx

  2. Wow, what the hell has happened here. It looks like something out of a film set. They obviously have not been watching Kirsty and Phil, they must have missed the episodes when they say your house needs to be neutral and appeal to all tastes!

  3. Haha, well apart from the style issue, its the odd scale of things which is putting me off the most, its just not right. Alice would be at home with the mad hatter here.

  4. Mother Hen says

    It looks like a half tall, half small person lives here. Get out quick!

  5. I’ve just been to Disneyland. I recognise it when I see it…you’re auditioning for a role as Cinderella, aren’t you?

  6. What exactly is the color of that chair? Puke green or maybe baby snot green???? WHO designed this and is it the home of Grade C celebrity. We deserve to be told!

  7. Brilliant, loving this series – started updating the wallpaper in our cottage too, although some of it is SO retro I’m trying to keep it! The battle is on!

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