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I know what you did last summer

That’s that then. I have been clinging on to the last days of summer like a koala to a leafless eucalyptus tree, but today’s rain has washed away my last meagre hopes for some sunny days. It’s been a long summer, and a good one too. So good and so eventful in fact, that I urgently need a vacation. (Only half-kidding.)

Summer was off to a good start with some gorgeous days spent with friends in leafy garden squares and an offer on our house, followed by a frantic two-day search for a rental to come back to ‘in case we’ll exchange’.

Then there was the long drive down to Saint Tropez (potty included), followed by weeks and weeks of breakfast at Place des Lices, sandy beaches and about 2,000 litre of ice cream.

Bye bye, old house!

Whilst on vacation, we exchanged on our house, which meant we had to move out four days after we’d be back from holiday. Which we did. After a lot of packing (boxes) and a lot of unpacking (suitcases) we swiftly made our way down to Chelsea, unpacked again (boxes), packed a little more (suitcases) and off we went to Greece.

The bride was gorgeous, the groom very handsome and the party lasted into the early hours. There were more days spent lounging around, more swimming and even more ice cream.

Finally, we arrived back home late last Sunday night and have so far managed to check out the local playground, all the nice shops on Kings Road and the A&E at the hospital down the road (a nasty tick on little L’s head, don’t ask…).

All I have to do now is to get out of the fromage blanc*, find a new nursery for little L and pick up that manuscript. It’s painful to admit, but it still needs more than a few hours hard work. I just have to do it.

Last but not least, I have been nominated to win an award at the Gurgle Blog Awards 2011, category best fashion blog. If you have a minute to spare, voting is open until tomorrow… Thanks!

*Aus dem Quark kommen is a German expression for get going.


  1. cheryl says

    I love your blog and have been reading it for a while now, I also have a little one and just wanted to say, I think its amazing how you manage to do so much with a little one in tow! Take care cheryl

  2. Wow – and I thought I had had a busy summer. Great to see you in June. Good luck with the settling-in.

  3. Wow! What a fab summer holiday! Probably one you will never forget. Welcome back and hope you enjoy your new life in Chelsea. Let’s organise a coffee soon xx

  4. What a brilliant – and busy – summer you’ve had. Love the pics. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. Hope you are all enjoying your new home.

  5. Well, that was a busy summer! Hope you are settling into your new neighbourhood and finding a fave coffee bar to sit and work on your manuscript in. Back into the school routine for the 3rd week here already, so the summer holidays are a dim and distant memory.

  6. Wow, what a summer you had!!!! Glad to have you back. When do I get to see the new fab Chelsea pad??! x LZ

  7. Hello!! Been meaning to stop by and glad I did, now I am all caught up on your summer. I know you left me a comment about the Revival at Goodwood? Are you going? We must get it together to meet up…take care Lou x

  8. That is a wierd phrase about coming out of the Quark – since it is virtually tasteless what would one be doing wallowing in it???? Anyway once you’ve rinced off the sour cheese get cracking on that MS

  9. Great summer and the bride on the vespa is priceless. Yes I remember the days of trying to sell – or buy – a house in London. You never knew where you stood. Have great memories also of Ladbroke Square, just opp our house.

  10. Oh I love the bride on the vespa too, its Greece, but looks quite Italian for some reason lol. And yes welcome back after summer. Come on Mrs show us your new place.

  11. Thanks for the wedding pic! We had a fabulous time and loved seeing you, M and Little L! See you sooooon! Going to go and vote for you at the Gurgle Awards 🙂 Congrats!

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