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Give! Me! Bread!

No need to hop on the Eurostar for a decent bread anymore

Eat your lardy heart out, Mr Atkins, but there is no way you will ever see me on a no-bread-diet. A while ago, when my innocent ears first got wind of the idea of cutting out any kind of bread, my first instinctive reaction was to dig my teeth deep into a pretzel – an act of reassuring myself that a part of the world was still how it was supposed to be.

Ten years on, and various studies have proven that a) a no-carbs-diet is not only unhealthy but b) also makes you unhappy. Which is not really surprising, as your body transforms carbs into glucose, which triggers Serotonin release, which makes you happy.

Of course, there’s bread (mass produced, additive-loaded, rubbish-in-a-bag-kind-of-bread) and bread (the traditional, artisan, good-for-you-kind-of-bread). For a while now, Waitrose has stocked my personal favourite: Poilâne rye bread.

With envy, I used to look over the (little) pond. The Parisians did ‘ave it all. Le tour Eiffel, le je-ne-sais-quoi and… les Poilâne shops.

However, rumour has it that the famous French bakery has opened a restaurant in Chelsea. As soon as I will be back from our little vacation (more on that later), I shall head over to Cuisine de Bar by Poilâne and amuse myself with a tartine. Or two.

Happy weekend, chers amis. And don’t forget to eat your bread!

Cuisine de Bar by Poilâne, 39 Cadogan Gardens, SW3 2TB, Tel.: 020 3263 6019


  1. I LOVE bread – I can’t imagine giving it up for dietary purposes. I would go mad. Love the photo of the dad waiting in line with his baby attached to him. There’s a man who loves breat as well. 🙂

  2. You haven’t missed HOF, it ends at midnight!
    Don’t talk about bread, I love it and eat way too much! I buy it cheap in the supermarkets at night and put loads in the freezer!

  3. As skinny as you are, I am sure you don’t have to worry about bread. Do they have good bread bakeries in England. I wish it was as easy here in the states to find good bread as it is in Germany.

  4. I visited Poilane in Paris the other week and saw they had a shop in Chelsea! but still, I had to go in Paris… will visit chelsea shop sometime… maybe with you?! 🙂

  5. Big bread fan here too – only the best though. Last week in the US we visited one of my favourite bakeries – Ken’s Artisan Bakery – and overindulged in walnut bread, pain rustique, ficelle, boule – delicious. My Huzz makes a mean focaccia or two every weekend. Lucky you to be able to pop to Poilane in Chelsea! Nothing better than the smell of fresh bread in the morning. Enjoy!

  6. I have to admit, the one way I know to lose weight quickly and easily is to stop eating carbs. Which is a shame as foccacia = heaven in a mouthful. I love bread! I make my own (which I hope is more healthy). Mmmm bread bread bread. And pasta!x

  7. I LOVE bread. The best bit about being in Bosnia was their fantastic fresh loaves, baked in a bakery down the road from wherever you were – preferably smeared with large dollops of cream cheese and blackcurrent jam. YUMMY!

  8. Bread is my weakness, I eat too much of it and it sits lodged in my stomach for days. But there is nothing quite like a french patisserie. Have a nice holiday xx

  9. Mmmmm!!!! I tried a low carb diet for about 45 minutes once. Completely incompatible with life. A French bakery nearby?! Lucky you 🙂

  10. Love bread and in fact anything white and soft, although Molenberg (brown and grainy) in New Zealand toasted with butter is heaven. Have not been able to find any decent breads in US (honestly!) they’ll so sweet and chewy.

  11. I love bread too, but am a little scared of it as half a filling fell out into crusty roll the other week, and this is a year after my whole tooth fell out biting into a panini! Is Dr Atkins trying to tell me something? -HMx

  12. How lovely. I do love Aubaine on Brompton Road for patisserie, bread, fab food and a great place to watch the world go by. I spent happy hours in there on my MAt leave.

  13. I used to make bread in my Dutch oven, delicious! Just joined your blog, great posts!

  14. Bread keeps you strong and happy that’s for sure. But pain poilane? OH loves that stuff but it’s a bit chewy for my liking- give me a big fat wholemeal loaf any day. Nevertheless, I shall have to check it out to change my mind and I love the thought of a glass viewing panel!

  15. There is nothing better than a door step of a bacon sandwich with freshly baked bread! I am hungry just thinking about it !

  16. I love bread, especially nutty bread! I love to make my own too 🙂 I’ll definitely be visiting that one when it opens though.

  17. Susanna says

    I could live on bread and wine, and perhaps some cheese too. Yum.

  18. Simone says

    I think Poilane has had a shop near Eaton Square for some time….we discovered their bread at Harvey Nicks one evening and it was instant love!!!!!

    Life without bread…..never!!!!

  19. I love bread so much that I sometimes bake my own. Let’s just say that the British bread is sometimes disappointing…
    I love Pain Poilane (They have a shop on Elizabeth Street too).
    Lovely to meet you yesterday! xx

  20. France = superb bread, cheese and wine – the only 3 reasons to go and live there for a while really. Ah But since leaving France I have lost many kilo’s its the curse of the finest form of carb! I do miss it!!

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