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Review: Poor customer service at Michael Kors

When my husband asked me last summer what I wanted for my birthday, I mentioned a golden Michael Kors watch and an evening clutch. Generous and lovely as he is, Big M set out to get me both. Also, adventurous as he is, he chose a Michael Kors clutch that didn’t have my previous seal of approval. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be my cup of tea.

‘Not a problem,’ Big M said and took the brand new clutch back to the store. ‘A problem indeed,’ said the snooty store manager at the New Bond Street store and refused to give Big M a refund. They also refused to give him a gift voucher and instead sent Big M home with a credit note. Which upset Big M slightly, because instead of giving me a nicely wrapped present, he had to hand me a flimsily printed ticket, stating the price of the unwanted clutch.

‘Not a problem,’ I said and took the credit note back to the store, knowing that I would find something else I’d like. The lady I chatted to was perfectly nice, however, I couldn’t find anything I liked and/or that was within the limits of the credit note. Michael Kors Bond Street only stocks the catwalk collection, i.e. jumpers for £800 and more. And as I didn’t want a watch (remember, I had got one for my birthday) or a pair of sunglasses, there was nothing left for me to choose from.

‘Not a problem,’ I thought, and told the lovely lady I would go to the Regent Street store instead. ‘Uhm… no,’ said the lady. ‘That’s impossible.’ And this is where Michael Kors terrible customer service becomes really bad: you can only redeem credit notes in the store you bought the item from in the first place. Why? Because it’s company policy! Oh, and the credit note expires within six months, which only left me with about one months to use it.

Not happy with being forced into spending a pile of cash on something I neither wanted nor needed, I took to twitter.

And next happened… nothing! More than that, after looking for my own tweets and naively assuming they must have missed them, I discovered the following:

In 2011 alone, I have bought two pairs of shoes (one of them was on sale), a watch and a clutch from Michael Kors, which should give me the status of a valued customer. Apparently, not in the eyes of Michal Kors.

Michael Kors? Never again.


  1. Absolutely disgusting. Why bother with a Twitter account if they are going to block tweets from their customers? This is a situation that could have been solved so easily from their point of view, instead they have generated lots of bad PR for themselves. Well done, Michal Kors.

  2. I frequently wonder what has happened to British retail standards, they are quite often shocking these days. Everyone has had to pinch in a little over the last few years, so you would think that every sale would be a valued sale. Its not the only place where you get the feeling the company couldn’t care less about its customers. (climbs down off my soap box and goes to make dinner lol).

  3. ingrid says

    As it is the day for rants on customer service I bought an upgrade from Meteor online and it arrived by courier I signed for the box and when I opened the phone pack I realised it had been used before there were finger marks on the phone, the battery was out of its pack, the ear phones were loose. So I e-mailed them today as I was left waiting for over 20 minutes on my phone. Guess what there reply was – you can only return the phone if the box is unopened. Guess I’l have to x-ray the box next time I’m thinking of buying. This saga will continue as I sent a very catty e-mail back. But have throughly enjoyed this little rant on national lack of customer service day.

  4. Disgraceful service. Maybe an old style hand written letter of complaint to MK HQ may do the trick? Worth a try. I have 2 pairs of MK sunglasses which I love, but hope nothing falls off them as I’m pretty sure from your experience they’d do little to help. Good luck.

  5. That outrageous customer service. I would expect much more from any shop on the High Street but from Couture shop I would expect the customer service to be second to none!!!

  6. I saw your tweets and was wondering what the backstory was. They really dropped the ball! I would expect far more from them. I hope that they get something sorted for you x

  7. Big M says

    As I love suprises and keep buying presents that lack per-approval I know a thing or two about returns…. Michael Kors was the most complicated and unhelpful I have experienced. Most High Street chains do much better and are flexible and customer focused. Michael Kors has not even been around that long and their approach to refunds and social media is already so out dated. Husbands out there, do not take chances, mental note “AVOID KORS”.

  8. I’m not sure what’s gone wrong with customer service in the economic downturn- I would have thought it would be better not worse but it’s worse everywhere. I had a horrible experience this weekend that left me quite upset- my new rule is just never shop at that place again- sometimes it might not be very nice like when I had to stop going to my local pub but it’s the only thing that works when a company thinks it’s better than the people who shop there.

  9. Appalling – am shocked because have had great customer service from other expensive shops in the past

    Have you spoken to Citizens’ Advice? Suspect that a short dated credit note is effectively stealing your money…

  10. The fact that they blocked you shows they have no idea about social media or engagement. In my experience, as a Social Media Analyst, I’d want to get your complaint offline as swiftly as possible not simply sweep it under the carpet to fester.

  11. That’s terrible. I’ve had complaints before and generally, as Laura said, the companies have done their best to help, if nothing more than to shut me up!

    Very poor, Mr Kors, very poor.

    Ooh. That rhymes.

  12. Wow. How appalling. I wonder if for some people the snootiness is part of the ‘exclusive glamour’ image? Maybe they like being treated like dirt? Or maybe Michael Kors is just ridiculous and needs to have a serious look at its policies. Will never, ever be shopping there now!

  13. That’s pretty shocking. Usually luxury stores like that go out of their way to prove the customer is always right. How very antediluvian to not allow you to use credit from one store in another. What are they: franchises?

  14. Customer service is dead, or at the very least, on life support. Clearly, the Michael Kors brand doesn’t see the value in those who actually buy the wares they produce. Shame on them. And what a missed PR opportunity for them to not only please a customer, but turn someone into an ambassador for their line. Sorry you had to deal with this!

  15. This is an example of how NOT to do it so many levels. And why on earth block someone’s tweets? If they are on social media they need to monitor the conversation, most importantly what is being said about them. Why be on Twitter otherwise? Utterly ridiculous. What they should have done is contacted you and rectified this situation so you can write up a positive follow-up post (to cover up the negative one now searchable on Google) and promote them with lots of positive tweets. This could have been an example of a company showing they listen and care when they get it wrong and value their customers. What a missed opportunity. Now their name will remained associated with poor customer service. *head desk*

  16. Oh MM that is appalling and I’m really sad to hear you had such bad service from one of my design favourites – what a let down. Surely a brand is only as good as its customers and the social media team should know way better than that. I would hope that if that was in the US you wouldn’t get the same treatment? Mr Kors needs to check out whats going on here. xxx

  17. Google Michael Kors and your post appears on the first page. That’s why they need to sort this out. I’ve just stumbled your post by the way and I agree completely with what Laura says.

  18. That sucks. Like TheOnlineStylist infers I can’t imagine this shockingly poor service would go down in the US…it would be very interesting to check out what MK is doing across the pond.

  19. Sounds like a major ballsup on Michael Kors part. Well done for posting about it and shame on them for blocking you on twitter!

  20. I’m disgusted. How dare they block your tweets. I think you need to ask someone to email the link to this post (with all these comments attached) and then see if they ignore you. Appalling. Don’t let this put you off reaching out to companies that are accountable on Twitter again though. I had a horrendous experience with a huge high street store which took my complaints very seriously.

  21. ingrid says

    Just to update you I contacted the Head of Customer Service and he is sending me out a new phone so I suppose we have to say not all companies treat their customers as poorly as Michael Kors I really do hope one of their employess follows this blog.

  22. This is appalling customer service!! I can’t believe it. Thanks for letting me know, I simply won’t shop there.

  23. MK Customer service…

    I bought a handbag that began to fall apart within the first week. I had to pay to ship this defective bag to their customer service department so they could either try to fix it or replace it with a bag of my choice with the same price point.

    About 3 weeks after I sent my bag in I get an email with a picture of my “fixed” bag in “perfect condition”. To them, this meant literally taking either a brown marker or brown glue to fill in the piping on the bag strap that was peeling off. The brown patch didn’t even match the rest of the piping and it looked poorly done.

    After expressing this repair was unacceptable I was told to pick 3 bags off their site and they’d look into their stock.

    Conveniently none of my choices were available but they offered me a similar style bag in a colour I’d never buy, and, it was $150 less than what I originally paid, plus the cost I’m out of shipping the defective bag.

    After expressing how I’d never soho in their stores again and letting this girl know if be writing a formal complaint including all her emails in them, within…. Literally within 5 minutes…. She emails back and you’d never believe it, my first choice is available in the colour that I want and will be shipped this afternoon.

    So basically, if you buy anything something from Michael Kors and it falls apart… Be careful. You’ll have to pay to ship the bag and then they try and dupe you into settling for a bag significantly less than what you originally paid and give you choices of product that seem to be on the lowest of their purse selections. Like the leftovers nobody wants.

    Thanks but I think I’ll stick to my Coach brand from now on. Better service, better product and loyal to their customers.

  24. Chris Wade says

    I bought a Michael core watch through amazon, the watch came with a 2 year warranty. The glass on the watch became scratched so sent it off to Michael Kors UK through my local jeweller, I received a call two weeks later saying the watch was back but not working and Michael Kors do not have the parts to repair it and that the warranty had run out. I contacted Michael Kors myself and was asked to return the watch with the warranty. After two more weeks of waiting I received a letter stating again that Michael Kors do not have the parts to repair the watch but as a good will gesture I can choose another watch with a discount. So not only am I out of pocket with the fist watch but have to pay for another, the watch was less than a year old and they are still selling the same model. Poor! Poor! Poor! Michael Kor

  25. Cucks says

    Went in store wanting to buy a bag no one to help when I asked for help they was following me and looking at me as if I’m a thief. Big thief. Even after that I ended up spending nearly £300 on a bag, it was quite sickening the way they make u feel.

    One week later I returned the bag for full refund I felt so humiliated I COULDNT ENJOY THE BAG. I HATED IT.

  26. Cucks says


  27. Gerry says

    A family member bought me a michael kros wallet as a gift very thoughtful of them, but it was not to my taste so I went to regent st to exchange without a receipt impossible it was all wraped up in its orignal packing without a receipt no exchanges company policy – I was so shocked every other store wd exchange no questions! I cannot find a phone mbr or an address to complain. Awful..

  28. wendy says

    My husband went in to the Michael Kors in Covent Garden yesterday, to buy a Christmas present for me. Ok he was in his work clothes, but he was clean and presentable. As soon as he walked in, the security guard was straight behind him and the sales assistant was extremley rude. He asked for her help in purchasing a bracelet that I had seen online. She said she didn’t know what he was talking about! She then dismissed him and asked him to go to another store! He left there feeling angry and belittled! Never again!!!

  29. jen says

    my lovely partner me handbag and watch for Christmas 2014, my watch is an exclusive and only one per store, already had to take it back for a service. pathetic considering the price and the fact it is only 3 months old

  30. Bridgette says

    My MK watch is less than a year old and is discoloring and the strap keeps un-clipping itself! Contacted MK twice and still no response after paying alot for this watch. So dissappointed would not recommend anyone buying rose gold its not worth the price.

  31. Charlotte says

    Bought a MK ELISA leather rucksack from Harrods in January £375 -had problems with the bag from the outset. Clasp does not fix easily and hence bag does not close properly / comes open when on your back – not fit for purpose. Harrods as not resolving the issue. MK customer service need to contact me. 🙁

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