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A good year

It’s almost done. A mere 60 minutes and 2011 will be history. It’s been a good year. We sold the house that belonged to a neighbourhood I never really felt at home at. I finished the first draft of my novel. We have mostly been healthy and, most importantly, happy.

I have never been good at New Year’s Resolutions. I just fail to get the point. If you really want to change something in your life – why wait until a certain date? However, given my love for excel sheets, I am quite fond of making to do lists that will keep me busy for the coming 12 months.

The 2012 list includes our new place and turning it into a real home, to overcome my new-found fear of literary agents and… to make time to enjoy life.

For the first time in my life I feel that I am getting older. There are the tell-tale lines around my eyes; I am getting tired much more easily, and I am much more aware of life’s fragility than ever before. For chrissake, my bones are making cracking noises when I bend down!

Looking at my daughter makes me realise how quickly time goes by. It almost seems impossible, but Little L will be three next April.

So. 2012 will be the year to take it slow. Take a step back and take it all in. Enjoy life.

Happy New Year!


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